Monday, June 24, 2013

Ava 19/20 months old!

I am combining Ava's 19 and 20 month old posts! Ava has grown up SO much since we have been back in the states. Her personality has come out so much!!

Ava, you (almost) weigh 20 pounds! I have no idea how tall you are or how big your head is. You are All. The. Time!!!! You go to bed around 8pm and wake up around 7:30am. You take one nap a day that last about two hours.

You LOVE your family and can name almost all of them which is A LOT! (Gigi, Pop, Nana, PawPaw, Hayden, Harrison, Charles, Dina, Rebekah (Beckey), Luke, Sarah (Rah Ray), and Laura (Lah Lah).

You are SO SO smart and everyone always comments on how smart you really are! You communicate so well!

You LOVE being outside!

You LOVE our new dog, Brinkley, or "Brinkey" as you call her!

You love drinking out of a water bottle and you have to hold the cap!

You really like to help me clean. You can unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher and put them where they belong. You like for me to hand you the wet clothes out of the washing machine so you can throw them in the dryer. You LOVE to take a clean baby wipe and clean the floors and walls.

You HATE to have your hands and feet dirty! You won't go outside without your shoes on. If you are outside without your shoes on, you will tippy-toe. ha! It is SO funny!

You are SO ready to be potty trained. You tell us when you are stinky. You say "shewww". We are going to wait until we get moved and settled before we start potty training you.

You are SO SO fun Ava and I can't wait to see the little girl come out in you!

Goodbye Germany, Hello USA!

My poor blog. I have been MIA for awhile due to our move back to the states. 

Our last day in Germany was May 29th. We flew out that night on a 9 hour flight to Baltimore. We flew out at 8pm (German time) and arrived in Baltimore at 11pm (Baltimore time). We slept a lot on the plane but thankfully we were still tired once we got to Baltimore so we stayed the night in a hotel and woke up at 4:30am wide awake!! Jet lag was kicking in! :)

Saying goodbye to friends in Germany. It was so sad saying bye but I know we will see our friends soon! 

We got to BWI airport at around 8am for our 10am flight. We flew to Dallas and then from Dallas to Amarillo. We got to Amarillo at around 4pm. Ava did amazing on all the flights and slept most of the way. We had a two hour layover in Dallas so we spent our time in the USO and Ava got SPOILED by the volunteers there. We came out of there with our tummy's full and a few books and candy! :) The USO is a place in the airport for military members. They have a movie theater room, kids room, complementary food and snacks and even a resting room. Its amazing!! 

Getting back on track...once we arrived in Amarillo, Bryce's family picked us up, we dropped our bags off at the house and then went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Ava was horrible not so happy because she was so exhausted from our trip and I could barely keep my eyes open since I had been up since 4:30am so once we got home, we went straight to bed. 

The two weeks that we were in Amarillo, we relaxed, ate out a lot, shopped, bought a car (!), and enjoyed family. We played outside A LOT! Ava was asking to go outside every chance she got and the weather was so beautiful so we were rarely inside. 

My new (to us) car!!! I am in LOVE! We sold both of our cars the week before we left Germany. We did not want to go through the hassle of shipping a car, waiting 2 months for it to get here, and renting a car in the meantime. 

We stayed 2 weeks in Amarillo and then headed up to Sherman for 2 weeks. Since we have been in Sherman, we have been so busy. We went shopping, took a weekend trip up to Tyler for my 24th birthday, Bryce and I got to go to the movies for the first time in months, went to Dallas a few times, and went fly fishing for the first time out at my brother-in-laws house. 

We are going on a double date with my sister and her husband tomorrow and then having family pictures done on Wednesday and then on Thursday, we are headed back up to Amarillo for the night and then driving to Colorado for a family reunion the next morning. Whew!