Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the best dad!!! I am so grateful to have such a loving and protecting dad! Thanks for everything, dad!! 

Happy First Father's Day to the love of my life and the BEST dad to our daughter!!! I am so thankful for a husband that adores our daughter!! 

I also want to wish my father in law, Terry, a Happy Fathers Day!! I have the BEST in laws and I am so thankful that they love me as their own.

Friday, June 15, 2012

SUYL: Master Bedroom

I am linking up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner today for Show Us Your Life: Master Bedrooms.

Our Master isn't "finished" but I don't think it ever will be. We are in the process of buying our bedroom set. Hopefully we will have all the pieces before we move back to the states I really like our bedroom set. It took me awhile to pick one out that I really liked. I would really like to get a few canvas prints in black and white to put above our bed.

This is our room looking in from the door. My side is on the right and Bryce's side is on the left.

View from the left corner of our room. The cabinets are our closets.

Bryce's side of the room... I was going to clean it up but I figured I would show you what it looks like 95% of the time.

Bryce's nightstand...Dyson fan, bridal picture of me, and an alarm clock.

My nightstand...Lamp (dumpster find), an engagement picture of Bryce and I and my new favorite candle (White Mint and Peppercorn by Essential Elements). I want new lamps but I am going to wait to buy some when we move back to the states.

The is looking from the far left side of our room (by Bryce's nightstand). Computer desk, dresser, clothes hamper, and plant (another dumpster find).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ava is 8 months old!

Ava, you are 8 months old today!! Your first birthday is fastly approaching and I don't like that one bit! I feel like you should still be my little newborn!

  • You are in a size 6/6-9 month clothes. You wear a size 2 diaper and a size 1 shoe. Your feet haven't grown a bit since you have been born. I guess you are finally growing into those honkers. :) 
  • You weigh 13 pounds 4 ounces and you are 24 1/2 inches long. 

  • You are nursing every 3 hours during the day which is about 5-6 feedings a day and you are eating solids 2-3 times a day. I still feed you every 3 hours because you are a tiny thing. I have tried to get you to take a sippy cup and eat small pieces of food by yourself but you are just not interested yet. You will take a sippy cup but you want me to hold the cup for you.
  • You still like to take several short naps throughout the day and can't seem to break you of that habit. You sleep great at night! You typically go to bed around 8pm and wake up at 6/7am to eat and you usually want to go back down until 9am. You take about three 30 minute naps a day. Your naps are sometimes longer sometimes shorter. 

  • You are a 100% crawler now! You crawl on your feet because the floors are too hard for your knees. I'm guessing you will be walking here pretty soon.
  • You are really good at standing with support and you love to "walk". 
  • You love your exersaucer and love to jump in it!
  • You have learned to clap and when you go from crawling to a sitting position, you clap and expect everyone else around you to do the same. 

  • You love to talk! When we are in the grocery store, you wave at everyone and say "HI". Gigi calls you the "Walmart greeter". 
  • You are very alert and have been since you were first born. You are a people watcher like your momma! You love to stare and just watch people. 
  • Still no teeth but you have been really fussy lately so maybe one will pop out here soon. 
  • You still don't like to be snuggled. Even if you are sad and I pull you close to me, you immediately push away. Hopefully this will change soon! 
  • You have quite the personality. If we take a toy away from you or if you are reaching for something and can't get it, you will arch your back and squeal and you pretty much throw a mini temper tantrum... little sassy thing! 
  • You are an overall great baby! You never cry or fuss for no reason. You only get fussy when you are tired or hungry. You are so happy and you have such a big personality already. We can not wait to see what the future months have in store. We love you, Ava Drew!! 
This makes me sad... 

Here is a video of her crawling...

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well, we officially have a crawler. Ava has really been on the move the past couple of days. 

Memorial Day: Bryce had to work but Ava and I went to a families house that are in our small group for a BBQ. We grilled hamburgers and bratwurst and just enjoyed each others fellowship. Ava had on her cute blue and white overalls with a big red bow, of course. Do you think its too big...? Yeah, I don't think so either! :) 

This is the "Okay mom, I'm done with pictures!!" look.


Yes, I am now that mom that posts a million of the same picture of their child...

I just love this Snow White bubble that Ava has on. It reminds me of my childhood! Snow White was a favorite in our house growing up.

Ava and I had our WIC appointment the other day and they weighed her and measured her.. Here are her stats...

Weight: 13 pounds 4 ounces
Height: 24 1/2 inches 

She is definitely my tiny girl! 

Today we went to the Homburg flea market. It is one of the largest ones around. Ava got a few clothes that come from France and Bryce got a grill tool set and I got a basket for all of Ava's toys! We only stayed a few hours because Bryce has to be back in time for work.

We got up at 5am and we didn't get home till around 11:30am. Ava took a short nap on the way to the flea market but that's it. When we got home, I expected her to take a long nap. I was wrong. She didn't sleep ALL day!! I tried so hard to get her to take a nap but it just wasn't happening! Hopefully she will sleep good tonight!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Show Us Your Life: Living Rooms

I am linking up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner for SUYL: Living Rooms!

I am still not completely pleased with my living room. It definitely needs a lot of work but I probably won't do anything to it before we move next May.

This is what you see right when you walk into the living room. The kitchen and dining area is to the right.

View from the kitchen

End Table. I plan on printing some pictures of Ava and framing them to go on this table.

Behind the couch. I hate that this is the only place for our exercise balls.

This is the view from the back window. Kitchen and dining area to the left. The Door goes to the entry way.