Saturday, November 2, 2013

The business that changed my life

Some may or may not know that I recently started selling a skincare line by the same doctors that created Proactiv and I am SO excited about it. Its called Rodan+Fields. There is a regimen for sensitive skin, acne, anti aging and dark spots. There is something for EVERYBODY! Rodan+Fields was the top seller in Nordstrom in 2007 and has been in over 30 beauty magazines. Several celebrities are using the products and they absolutely love them. Wow!!!

I LOVE these products and have never used anything like it before. I have struggled with my face since I was in middle school and have never been able to find anything to clear my face up. I tried EVERYTHING! A week after I started using Rodan+Fields, my face was almost completely clear!!!! I was sold on the products. Now, my skin is SO smooth and my tone has improved drastically!!

 When I was first approached by the business, I was a little skeptical because I am NOT a sales person. I tried selling Mary Kay and Arbonne and neither one of those worked out for me. But once I heard a little more about the business, I decided to give it a try.

They require NO home parties and there in NO inventory. All we do is simply tell our friends about these amazing products via phone or facebook. It has been SO easy and such a blessing for my family. Heck, I get to use the products AND make money at the same time! And with the 60 day full money back guarantee, it was risk free. I decided that I would try to sell it and if it didn't work out for me after 60 days, I would send everything back for a full refund. The only risk I saw was not taking the risk at all.

So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in, email me at and I would LOVE to send you some more information!!! And if you aren't interested, maybe someone you know might be!

Seriously, check out these before and after pictures!!! The results don't lie!!! :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ava is 2 years old!!!

Ava Drew, you are TWO YEARS OLD today!!! I can not believe it. These have been the best two years of my life. You are so spunky and the sweetest little girl in the world. You definitely keep me on my toes and there is never a dull moment in your world but I love every minute of it.

You talk like you are 13 years old. You repeat everything we say. You LOVE Mickey Mouse and Barney right now. Your favorite food is probably apples and oranges. You can't get enough of your fruits!! Your favorite thing to play with is your babies and you are SO good with your babies. You will rock them and say "shhh", you will change their diapers and feed them a bottle. It's the sweetest thing. You love to sing "Wock a by baby" while rocking your babies to sleep. You are going to be the BEST big sister!!

You weigh 21 pounds and you are roughly 31 inches long. You wear a size 5 shoe and you are still in 12-18 month clothes. Yay for being able to wear our winter clothes two years in a row!

You aren't potty trained yet but you are definitely ready. I just haven't taken the plunge yet. You hate to wear clothes and you go without them most of the time we are at home.

You love to wrestle with daddy on the bed every night before you go to bed.

Some of my favorite words that you say are "Oh Mam" (oh, man), "daink" (drink), "Baf" (bath), "Pees" (please), "Wuh Jew" (Love you),

For your birthday today, we met up with a couple of our friends at the Children's Village in Lions Park to play and also do a story time and craft time. It was chilly outside but I think you had a lot of fun. Then, we came home to eat lunch and take a nap. Once daddy got home around 3:30, you opened your presents and then took you out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. You behaved better than you EVER have at the restaurant. You wouldn't sit in the high chair but you stood next to me and ate and behaved so well. Then, we came home to eat birthday cake! I think you were really full from dinner because you only ate a few bites of the icing and you were done.

For your birthday (from mommy and daddy), you got a baby doll car seat, Melissa & Doug blocks, some play food, a coloring book, water paint, princess cup, and a play microphone. From Gigi, you got some dress up clothes, play slippers and a wand.

You are the light of my life sweet Ava Drew..or as daddy calls you, "Missy Miss". We can not wait to see the little girl you are turning into. We love you more than you will ever know!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

16 weeks!

I am 16 weeks with baby boy!! Wow!! I can't believe it. Time has gone by WAY too fast!! 

This picture was taken at 15 weeks with Ava Drew. 

(Last weeks picture with baby boy)

Gained 1 pound. Babies heartbeat is 145. 

Thankfully, I have been feeling MUCH better and back to my normal self again. That first trimester was rough. I am enjoying cooking and eating again! I haven't really had any food cravings yet. One of my most annoying symptoms  is the acne that has decided to break out my back and part of my face. So annoying..and gross! 

It is so fun to be expecting a boy. I haven't done much shopping because this baby boy is already set in the clothes department...thanks to my amazing friend from Germany that let me have her bags and bags of boy clothes! Seriously, he has more clothes than Ava. But if you know me, you better believe this baby will get a few monogrammed/smocked things!! :) 

I still haven't felt this baby move yet. I want to say that I felt Ava move at 15 weeks so I am hoping to feel this baby kick soon!! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Its a...

We had an ultrasound today to see your sweet baby. I had NO clue that we would find out the gender because I am so early along in my pregnancy (13 1/2 weeks).

Bryce and Ava came along with me for the ultrasound. It was Bryce's first time to see an early ultrasound since he was deployed for almost all of my pregnancy with Ava.

The ultrasound was actually for a Down Syndrome test. I chose to get the test because I get a free ultrasound out of it. :)

What they do for the test is measure the back of the babies neck in the ultrasound and take some blood from a finger prick. Easy! :)

Once we were about 10 minutes into our ultrasound, the tech asked us if she could check to see if its a boy or girl. I was a little shocked but of course I said YES! She checked and immediately we knew what we were going to have!! There are two ways to check and both ways showed the same gender. The tech is 90% sure what it is but can't be absolutely certain since I am so early in my pregnancy. So, without further adieu....

ITS A BOY!!!!!!! 

We are ELATED and SO excited!!!! The babies heartbeat is 154 and measuring right on time. Let the shopping begin!!! :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

BIG Announcement!!


I am 11 weeks along.
Due March 26, 2014
We are SO SO excited!!!
Ava thinks I'm having a boy.
This pregnancy has been SO different than my first.
Nausea and mood swings were in FULL swing but have subsided.
Had my first doctors appointment today and the baby's heartbeat sounds great!
Usually only one thing sounds good for a meal and I have to have that thing! But its something different everyday.
Today it was Arby's for lunch. Yesterday it was Jambalaya.
Fatigue has been BAD! I feel tired ALL. THE. TIME! Slowly getting my energy back.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

All about Ava Drew!

I am SO behind on my monthly updates for Ava Drew. Instead, I will just update on what she is doing.

  • Ava Drew is probably the funniest and sassiest little diva I have ever met. 
  • Her favorite thing to do is watch Barney on my phone. She got in a bad habit of playing on my phone all the time when we were living in a empty house. She was bored so she fell in love with my phone. ha! Now, we are trying to limit her time on my phone now that she has toys to play with and books to read. 
  • Ava has all of the sudden become a snuggler and I am LOVING it!!! 
  • She can almost count to 10. She skips 1,5,7, and 9. We are working on it! :) 
  • You can SPELL YOUR NAME!! I know, my not even two year old can spell her name. Granted, her name only consists of 2 letters. 
  • Her favorite song to sing is "Wain wain, go away". We have gotten lots of rain lately. 
  • She loves "hamburgers" and every time we drive into sonic, she assumes she is getting a hamburger. 
  • She loves to draw and every time she see's a pen, she insists on drawing and throws a tantrum if we don't let her. She says "A" which means she wants to draw. Why? Because every time Bryce draws with her, he spells out her name on the paper and she tries to write her name. 

  • She has always been really good at going down for naps and bedtime but lately, it has been a huge challenge. 
  • We still haven't potty trained her yet but we are starting that next week. She is so ready but we wanted to get settled first before we took on that challenge!! Any tips? 

Cheyenne Frontier Days and Family!!

I am back tracking on this post a little bit. My family came to visit us for a week during Cheyenne Frontier Days! They came two weeks before we got our stuff so they had to sleep on blow up mattresses and eat on fold out chairs with us!! It was fun!

We stayed SO busy while my family was here. They got here late on a Sunday night so on Monday, we decided to get out of the house and explore Cheyenne. We went to Frontier Park which is where the rodeos and concerts take place. There is also lots of rides and food booths and venues. We walked around and let Ava go on a slide ride with Bryce. She LOVES slides so we thought she would love it. We were wrong. She hated it. Poor thing.

On Tuesday, we went to the parade downtown. We live about 3 blocks from downtown so we just walked. Ava loved the parade. I think the "Neighs" (horses) were her favorite. This town is about as country as it gets. And I thought Texans were country....the town of Cheyenne doesn't even compare!! 

Thanks to my sister Sarah for the cute collage.

Once the parade was over, we hurried home to get in the car and go to Estes Park in Colorado for the day. We climbed a mountain, explored a waterfall/river and drove around the beautiful park. We all had a blast. We saw lots of animals like elk, sheep, deer, and a bison. 

Ava looks scares sad but she really wasn't. She was happy to be cuddled in her Pop's arms. 

Can you spot Bryce? He was in heaven! Nature is his thing!!

It was really chilly on top of the mountain and Ava thought it was so funny that she got to wear her Momma's jacket!!

During Frontier Days (which is a week long), there is a huge pancake breakfast. This year, they served over 30,000 people! And its FREE!! So on Wednesday, we went and stayed in line for about 30 minutes. The line was probably a mile long. It wrapped around a building and zigzagged all the way down the road. It was crazy! But the line went pretty fast and we were always moving so it wasn't bad at all. We got free pancakes, so why not!!

Once the pancake breakfast was over, we walked around the downtown area and checked out a few antique shops. Bryce had to go shoot for work so he left around noon and the rest of us went home to relax for the afternoon. We were so exhausted! 

On Thursday, we went to the parade again. There were 3 parades during Frontier Days. We heard the parade on Thursday was supposed to be the best one so that's why we went a second time. After it was over, we went to the state museum which was a couple blocks away from the parade. We wanted to check out the Capitol but we ran out of time. 

On Friday, we left really early and went to Mt. Rushmore!! It was about a 4 hour drive. We got there around noon, toured Mt. Rushmore, then went downtown to eat lunch and check out a few shops. 

The next morning, my family got up bright and early to hit the road back to Texas. We really enjoyed their visit and we were so sad to see them leave. 

Moving to Cheyenne!!

Hello Blog World! I know I have been MIA for the past couple of months but I think I have a pretty good reason. We moved across the world back to the U.S.A. and we are finally getting settled in Cheyenne, WY!

Once we got to Cheyenne, we stayed in TLF (temporary living facility aka hotel) for 10 days until we found a house. We had a HARD time finding a decent place to call home. We get a small allowance that doesn't leave us many options as far as houses go. The house that we found is tiny and much smaller than our house in, its probably half of the size. So, we have a ton of stuff stored in our garage. Thankfully, it is a huge garage so our stuff fits perfectly in there. Hopefully we will only be here about 9 more months and then we can move again. yay!

Since we lived without our stuff for 2 1/2 months, we are not attached to our stuff at all. We have so much stuff that we don't "need". We will be having a HUGE garage sale soon.

We are slowly getting settled in. Almost all of our boxes are unpacked but we need to get organized and put more stuff in our garage. I haven't been feeling well lately so things have been progressing SLOWLY!!

This was one of TWO trucks! There are four crates on this truck and we had 8 crates total!! Too. Much. Stuff!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ava 19/20 months old!

I am combining Ava's 19 and 20 month old posts! Ava has grown up SO much since we have been back in the states. Her personality has come out so much!!

Ava, you (almost) weigh 20 pounds! I have no idea how tall you are or how big your head is. You are All. The. Time!!!! You go to bed around 8pm and wake up around 7:30am. You take one nap a day that last about two hours.

You LOVE your family and can name almost all of them which is A LOT! (Gigi, Pop, Nana, PawPaw, Hayden, Harrison, Charles, Dina, Rebekah (Beckey), Luke, Sarah (Rah Ray), and Laura (Lah Lah).

You are SO SO smart and everyone always comments on how smart you really are! You communicate so well!

You LOVE being outside!

You LOVE our new dog, Brinkley, or "Brinkey" as you call her!

You love drinking out of a water bottle and you have to hold the cap!

You really like to help me clean. You can unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher and put them where they belong. You like for me to hand you the wet clothes out of the washing machine so you can throw them in the dryer. You LOVE to take a clean baby wipe and clean the floors and walls.

You HATE to have your hands and feet dirty! You won't go outside without your shoes on. If you are outside without your shoes on, you will tippy-toe. ha! It is SO funny!

You are SO ready to be potty trained. You tell us when you are stinky. You say "shewww". We are going to wait until we get moved and settled before we start potty training you.

You are SO SO fun Ava and I can't wait to see the little girl come out in you!

Goodbye Germany, Hello USA!

My poor blog. I have been MIA for awhile due to our move back to the states. 

Our last day in Germany was May 29th. We flew out that night on a 9 hour flight to Baltimore. We flew out at 8pm (German time) and arrived in Baltimore at 11pm (Baltimore time). We slept a lot on the plane but thankfully we were still tired once we got to Baltimore so we stayed the night in a hotel and woke up at 4:30am wide awake!! Jet lag was kicking in! :)

Saying goodbye to friends in Germany. It was so sad saying bye but I know we will see our friends soon! 

We got to BWI airport at around 8am for our 10am flight. We flew to Dallas and then from Dallas to Amarillo. We got to Amarillo at around 4pm. Ava did amazing on all the flights and slept most of the way. We had a two hour layover in Dallas so we spent our time in the USO and Ava got SPOILED by the volunteers there. We came out of there with our tummy's full and a few books and candy! :) The USO is a place in the airport for military members. They have a movie theater room, kids room, complementary food and snacks and even a resting room. Its amazing!! 

Getting back on track...once we arrived in Amarillo, Bryce's family picked us up, we dropped our bags off at the house and then went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Ava was horrible not so happy because she was so exhausted from our trip and I could barely keep my eyes open since I had been up since 4:30am so once we got home, we went straight to bed. 

The two weeks that we were in Amarillo, we relaxed, ate out a lot, shopped, bought a car (!), and enjoyed family. We played outside A LOT! Ava was asking to go outside every chance she got and the weather was so beautiful so we were rarely inside. 

My new (to us) car!!! I am in LOVE! We sold both of our cars the week before we left Germany. We did not want to go through the hassle of shipping a car, waiting 2 months for it to get here, and renting a car in the meantime. 

We stayed 2 weeks in Amarillo and then headed up to Sherman for 2 weeks. Since we have been in Sherman, we have been so busy. We went shopping, took a weekend trip up to Tyler for my 24th birthday, Bryce and I got to go to the movies for the first time in months, went to Dallas a few times, and went fly fishing for the first time out at my brother-in-laws house. 

We are going on a double date with my sister and her husband tomorrow and then having family pictures done on Wednesday and then on Thursday, we are headed back up to Amarillo for the night and then driving to Colorado for a family reunion the next morning. Whew! 

Friday, May 10, 2013


Since being in Germany for the past 3 years, we have really gotten to travel all around Europe. It has been such a fun experience and one that I will NEVER forget!!

Here are the places we have been...

   - Paris
   - Hike along the German/France border
   - Zoo d'Amneville 
   -Snowhall in Amneville (Indoor skiing/snowboarding)
   -Strasbourg (Christmas Market)
   - Brussels (Christmas Market 2011,  2012  & Christmas Eve 2012)
   - Dinant 
   - Brugge (Christmas Market)

   -Christmas Market 2011

   -Salzburg (Sound of Music Tour) Just realized I never blogged about that trip!
   - Heildelberg 
   - Trier
   - Hannover (Oktoberfest)
   - Baden Baden
   - Edelweiss (Garmish)
   -Neuschwanstein Castle
   - Dachau Concentration Camp
   - Homburg
   - Bad Durkheim (Wine Festival)
   -Castle on the Rhine River (Can't remember the name)
   -Weisbaden (Christmas Market)
   - Munich (Oktoberfest)

United Kingdom
   - London 2012 (I will live here one day!)
   - London 2013  Stonehenge, Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey Castle)
   - Bath
   - Edinburgh  Holyrood Castle, St. Andrew's, Loch Ness

Places we weren't able to visit...

Italy- Rome, Venice, Florence... :(

I am so sad we weren't able to go to Italy but our time and bank account just didn't allow us to visit everywhere we wanted to go. I am so so very thankful that we HAVE been able to travel to the places we have been. I realize that not everyone gets to go places that we have been. I am so thankful that we took the initiative to get out of our house and travel. I know so many people that don't take advantage of the traveling over here.

I am so excited to see what our future holds and the many more places we will get the opportunity to visit!

So long Germany...

In 2 1/2 weeks, we will be moving back to the states. It is very bitter sweet for us. We are beyond sad to leave Germany but looking forward to being closer to family. And Target. And Hobby Lobby. And Chick Fil A. Just to name a few. 

The next couple of weeks are going to be CRAZY! We have lots to do! Pre-inspection, detail and clean our car, ship our car, ship our unaccompanied baggage, ship our goods, DEEP clean our house and have it inspected. I am sure there is something else I am missing. I am not stressed...yet. I am sure it will come soon though. 

There are several things I am going to miss, a few things I won't miss, and several things I look forward to and a few things I am NOT looking forward to. I want to list them all so I can look back in the future and remember this time in my life. 

Things I Am Going To Miss...
  • German food, of course!!! The Snitzel, kroketten (fried mashed potatoes), pretzels, doner kabobs, ice cream, bread and the fries. Oh, and the whip cream. 
  • The Autobaun. Going 80-90 mph is normal for me.
  • Christmas Markets and the Beer/Wine festivals
  • The scenery, of course! 
  • Traveling to a different country for the day. We have been able to take several day trips to Paris, Belgium, and France. 
  • My house...where we brought Ava home from the hospital and raised her for the first year and a half of her life. 
  • Our friends. I have made some of the BEST, lifelong friends over here and I am going to miss them SO SO much! 
  • Dining out. Eating out in Germany is totally different than in America. It is normal to go out to eat and spend several hours at the restaurant. It is meant to be a relaxing night out. Not a get in a get out kind of thing. 
  • The windows. "Awesome" is the best word to describe them. 
  • The long summer days when the sun comes up before 6am and doesn't set till after 10pm. 
  • The roundabouts! 
  • Milka Chocolate and Hippo's. 
  • Chocolate Croissants
  • The ice cream truck that comes by my house at roughly 6pm every night. 
  • Tax being included in the price
  • Being able to walk to everything (when we travel to a city)

Things I will NOT miss....
  • Mail taking several weeks or even months to get here!!! 
  • Going to a German grocery store and forgetting to bring bags...the grocery stores do not provide sacks! Crazy, I know!!! 
  • Small. The ovens are small, the parking spaces are small, the cars are small, the bags of chips are small, the roads are small. Everything is just smaller in Europe. 
  • AFN! I will NOT miss AFN and their ridiculous commercials and choice of programming. 
  • Stores that are closed on Sundays and close at 5pm on week days. Seriously, everything shuts down at 5pm (or earlier) and NOTHING is open on Sundays. Oh, and most stores have about 2 hours during the middle of the day that they are closed. Maybe for a nap? Who knows! 
  • The DARK winters. This winter was the darkest winter in 43 years!! Americans probably won't understand but it definitely affects peoples moods. I found myself becoming depressed and didn't even know why and then one day the sun came out and I instantly knew why!! 
  • Almost getting run over at the German grocery store. Germans come off as very rude and un-friendly but if you get to know them, they are nice. 
Do you see the difference between the things I will miss and won't miss? There is not much I won't miss! 

Now, on to our trip back to America... (sniff sniff). 

Things I am looking forward to...
  • Target, Hobby Lobby, Chick Fil A- its worth mentioning again....
  • Variety!!! aka Wal-Mart and fast food restaurants. 
  • English speakers
  • Driving. I don't know how best to describe this but in Germany, if you are on the autobahn and miss a turn, it could take a good 30 minutes to get back to where you are supposed to go. Directions can also be confusing. 
  • Family being closer, of course!!! 
  • Regular T.V. and being able to find something good to watch whenever I turn it on.
  • Radio!!!! 
  • 24-hour stores
  • Gas stations every few miles opposed to the ones in Germany that are every 15-30 miles apart! 
  • Not being forgotten!!!!!
  • American style houses! 
  • Air-Conditioning! German houses don't have A/C. 
  • Well posted street signs
  • Being around non-military people. Don't get me wrong, we love some of our military friends but it will be nice to get out of the "military world" where we are ONLY surrounded by military people. 

Things I am NOT looking forward to...
  • Everyone on their iphones or ipads 24/7. This annoys me to no end. This was me about 3 years ago but since living in Germany, my whole perspective has changed. 
  • Making new friends
  • Being without our stuff for 2 months and living out of suitcases
  • Unhealthy eating habits by Americans
  • Obama
  • The economy
  • Moving to a whole new city

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ava is 18 months!

This post is way overdue. Ava turned 18 months old on the 11th while we were in London. She has grown up SO much this personality...not size.

Ava Drew, you weigh around 19 pounds and are 31 inches tall. You wear size 12 month clothes and size 4 diaper and 3 shoe.

You sleep about 12-13 hours at night and take one long nap after lunch which lasts about 2 1/2 hours.

I can never get you to look at the camera and smile for me anymore. I think you were looking out the window and pointing at the birds in this picture.
(Don't be fooled...the weather isn't pretty enough for Ava to be wearing this outfit outside...we were just trying on a few summer outfits!)

You LOVE to talk! You talk all day long. Your vocabulary is expanding by the day! You can now say your name which is "Aya" or "Ada". You can also say 'Bryce' and you try to say 'Liz' which sounds like 'Yiz'.

The only ''toys" you play with now are your baby dolls. You love to 'change their diaper' and 'feed' them and take them potty.

You love dried cranberries and any kind of fruit. Oh, and CHEESE!!! You ask for it at every meal!! You say, "Cheese, pees (please)". How can I say no to that?!

Every time you wet your diaper, you grab your diaper and say "shew-tee tee" and will run to the potty. I guess its about time to start potty training you!

Update: You went tee-tee in your potty the other night all by yourself!!!!! I guess its time to get serious about this potty training business!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scotland: Part 2

On our second day in Scotland, we first went on a Whisky Tour. It was actually pretty neat! We aren't really into whisky but Bryce really wanted to take the tour and I am glad we did. We got to see how it was made and even got to try a little taste. I was NOT a fan but Bryce liked it.

This is the worlds largest whisky collection. A man collected all of these bottles all by himself. The worth of the collection is unknown.

Then, we walked to the Holyrood Castle. This is the castle that the Queen of England stays in when she comes to Scotland. It was gorgeous and I am so glad we got to visit the castle.

Seriously, this castle is HUGE! 

In the afternoon, we went to World of Illusions. It was so neat and really fun for Ava. Okay, maybe it was more fun for Bryce and I but Ava had fun, too.

The next day, we rented a car and went to St. Andrew's golf course and Loch Ness. St. Andrew's is a really famous golf course and Loch Ness is a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains but there is supposedly a monster that lives in the water. You can google it and see some of the pictures of the 'monster'.

My husband driving on the right side and I am sitting on the left in the passengers seat. SO SO weird!!! It was such a neat experience to be driving on the left side of the road.

St. Andrews was RIGHT on the ocean. I bet it would be gorgeous in the summer but while we were there, it was so cloudy and rainy.. :(

My husband was in HEAVEN!!! I don't think I have ever seen him as excited as he was on that day!

This girl loved riding forward in her carseat for the first time. FYI: The British and Europeans require infants to be forward facing from the time they are born and it is a 90 euro fine if the carseat is not forward.

 It was so hard to get good pictures because we were driving and it was also really cloudy and raining.

This is Loch Ness. Unfortunately, we didn't see the monster. ;)

These pictures just don't do this place justice. It was GORGEOUS...even with the yucky weather!

The next day, we flew home. I was SO ready to be home but we all enjoyed this trip SO much!! Going to London just made us want to live there even more. I am convinced we will live there some day. Shh..don't tell my family that! ;)