Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry (late) Christmas!

Merry Late Christmas everyone!! Bryce and I had a wonderful first Christmas together! We woke up early Christmas morning and opened our presents! I got Bryce a surround sound system and he got me some Juicy Couture sunglasses and a new Chi straightener and some awesome lotion!! We also opened our gifts from our families!!

After that, we watched Christmas movies the whole afternoon and for dinner, we invited two of Bryce's guy friends over. The two guys didn't have anything to do for Christmas and we didn't want them spending it alone! Bryce grilled steaks and chicken and I made garlic potatoes, green beans, Bush's baked beans, and garlic bread. It was the best home made meal we have both had in awhile!! After dinner, we watched Step Up 3. Why that movie on Christmas? Because the surround sound system I got Bryce had Blu-Ray on it and we didn't have any Blu-Ray movies. So Bryce went to the 24/7 hr shoppette to get a Blu-Ray and it was the only thing there that looked good!

After our movie, we skyped with Bryce's family and my family until 4am! HA! Suprisingly, we weren't even tired! We even decided to put in Shrek 3 after we talked with our families but we got really tired so we just went to bed.

We slept in REALLY late today. Probably the latest I have EVER slept in!!! I am even embarrassed to mention what time it was! ha!!

We watched a couple of movies today (We LOVE movies) and then went out to eat at Big Emma's since I didnt feel like cooking anything. And thats been our life lately!!

We really miss our families over the holiday season but hopefully we will be able to make it home next Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and remember the reason for the season! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I know, I am a little late on posting about our trip to Edelweiss. Prepare yourself, this is a super long post!

Bryce took leave from Dec. 12-17th so we decided to plan a trip to Edelweiss since we were unable to go home for Christmas. Let me just tell you, we had a blast!!! There were a couple of things we weren't really impressed with but besides that, it was so much fun!

Edelweiss was about a 4 hour trip. I LOVE long car rides with my hubby! I love having all that time to talk his ears off! :) The thing I DONT like is that he is always HOT so I usually freeze to death in the car! Its worth it though! I've learned to never leave the house for a trip without a large blanket and warm clothes. ha!

Once we got there, it was about 4pm. We checked into our hotel and then we went and drove around town. We found the BX and commissary and picked up a few things that we needed. We were starving so we grabbed some Subway and then headed back to the hotel. We changed into our swim suits and went to the hot tub!

The next day, Monday, we planned to go to the Neuschwanstein castle but all of the trips were canceled because it snowed a foot and a half the night before. So we just decided to hang out at the resort and hopefully find something fun to do. Well, we very quickly found out that there was absolutely NOTHING to do at the resort! It shouldn't even be called a resort. There is only a hotel with a restaurant in it. It does have a pool and hot tub but besides that, that's it! So we decided to walk to the ski rental place to rent our snowboards so we could be ready early the next day to go snowboarding. We got directions from the front desk. They told us it would be about a 10 minute drive so we figured it would take about 30 minutes to get there. We followed his directions and ended up walking around almost the entire town and realized, his directions weren't legit. After walking for about 3 hours, we found the name we were looking for (supposed to be the name of the store). But instead, it was the ski lifts!!! It was freezing cold too!! It was in the low 20's and snowing! So we just decided to walk back to the resort.

Once we got back, we asked the front desk for a map and how to get to the store again! ha! And it turns out, the ski lifts is where the store is located! We were so close!!! So we just got in our car and drove to the store. We didn't even rent our snowboards! The people there told us to just come the day we are going to snowboard and rent our stuff then.

So we went BACK to the hotel, and relaxed in the hot tub! Then we went back to our room and took a nap. After our nap, we went to the restaurant in the resort. I wasn't feeling good so I didn't eat much but the food that I did eat was pretty good.

The next day, Tuesday, we woke up bright and early to hit the slopes! We found out that there were only about 6 slopes open and 5 of them were all BLACKS! Bryce and I aren't competitive snowboarders so we just wanted to go on the easy or intermediate slopes! Unfortunately, there was only one intermediate slope open and no easy ones open. We went down the intermediate slope and it took us 2 hours!! The runs are soooo long over here! We did stop and rest a couple of times but who doesnt?

Once we finally got down the mountain, it was lunch time. Bryce's board was way too small so he wanted to go trade it in. So we went and had lunch and traded Bryces board in and decided to go on the same run again since it was our only option...unless we wanted to get killed by going on a black! Once we got down the mountain a second time, it was already 2pm! We were exhausted and a little bored by the same slope. We decided to call it a day and we went and got warm in tub!! After that, we got ready to go to the GORGE!!! Now that was fun! It's like a cave that goes around a mountain and there is a water fall that freezes. You can kind of tell by the pictures I posted below. We hiked about 30 minutes to the Gorge and on our way back, we stopped at a small restaurant to have hot chocolate and dessert!

The next day, Wednesday, we decided to have a relaxing day! We found a spa in downtown and went and got massages!! Then we came back to the hotel and once again, we got in the hot tub! That night, we went to a German restaurant downtown. It was pretty good! Bryce really enjoyed it! He had a Pumpkin pesto pasta and I got potatoe soup!

On Thursday, we went to the Neuschwanstein castle!! Our tour guide was extremely annoying because he repeated everything about 5 times. Besides that, we had a blast!!! On our way, we stopped at a small gift shop and once we got to the castle, it was about a 20 minute hike up to the mountain. We got to go on a tour in the castle but they wouldn't allow pictures! I was so sad because the castle was BEAUTIFUL inside!!!!! Once that was over, we ate at a German restaurant downtown. It was really good. Oh I forgot, we also stopped at a BEAUTIFUL church on our way to the castle as well. I posted a picture of the inside below. That night, we went to an Italian restaurant downtown. It was okay. Bryce really liked it but I wasn't that impressed.

On our last day, Friday, we checked out of our hotel and went to the Dachau Concentration Camp. Now that was humbling! It was extremely COLD!!! It was around 18 degrees and snowing!! So miserable but it was still fun! After that, we headed home.

We had a really great and fun trip but it is good to be home!!

I doubt many people even made it this far in reading but good job if you did!! :)

This is the front of the resort

This is looking out from our hotel. The mountain on the far right is the tallest mountain in Germany

Bryce and I on our hike through the Gorge

In the Gorge

This is in the beautiful chuch!!

Neuschwanstein Castle!

So pretty!

Our coffee in our hotel is from TYLER,TEXAS!!! SO CRAZY!!!

Inside the Krematorium at Dachau

This is where all the prisoners would meet for roll call daily. This is also the center of the camp at Dachau.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Markt!!

This past Sunday, Bryce and I got to go to a Christmas Markt (spelling is correct, the Germans spell it this way). It was in Wiesbaden (pronounced Vease Boden). It was about an hour away from where we live but we took the train so it took about 2 hours to get there. We met at the train station at 8am and our train left at 8:20. Once we got to Wiesbaden, it was almost 11am and the Christmas Markt didn't open until noon so we went to an American/German Sports bar. From 11am-2pm, they had All You Can Eat buffet!!! It was soooo very good too!!! We had to make reservations to go and I understood why once we got there. There were people waiting outside the restaurant before it even opened. It was completely packed about 10 minutes after we got a seat!!
Once our stomach's were completely full, we headed for the markt which was right outside the restaurant. It was a good thing that we ate before we shopped because there was ALOT of good looking German food calling our name but we were way too full!! The Markt was alot of fun! We got to see alot of really cool stuff!! I wanted so bad to buy a nutcracker or this other really cool German thing that I don't know how to explain. There is a picture below of a HUGE one. Its like a wood tower thing and there are little people on each level playing a little instrument and there is a wheel at the top and at the bottom, there is a place for a candle and the candle makes the wheel at the top spin. Its really neat!
In America, most events have hot chocolate. Well, in Germany, they have Gluhwein (pronounced Glue Vine). Gluhwein is a hot wine. Bryce got it one time at a fest and I tried it, I do NOT like it at all! Its wayyy too strong for me! But ALL Germans love it!! Its like their hot chocolate. They also have a drink called Kinderpunch. Its for the kids. Some people say it tastes like hot Cool Aid but I think its sooo good!! Thats what I usually get! After the Markt, we headed back to the train station, about 5 minutes before it was time to leave, we found out that our train got canceled due to some train maintenance issues. So we had to catch another train that was leaving 10 minutes later than we were supposed to leave which made us 4 minutes late to our next train (We took 2 trains). So it took a little longer to get home but I was totally ok with it! I LOVE the adventure!! Bryce- not so much. He had to work at 4am the next morning. He was a trooper though! I had a blast at the Christmas Markt and I am hoping to go to many more!!

Here are LOTS of pics! Enjoy!

This is taken at the train station

Getting on the train!

This is an old fashion oven that the Germans were cooking a pizza dish in.

This was in a store and it had an upside down Christmas tree in it. HA

Dr. Pepper is unheard of here in Germany! They just don't sell it. In the train station, Bryce found a Dr. Pepper and bought it for me! The label cracks me up!! I guess the German's can't handle the taste! ha! Btw- it was the best Dr. Pepper I have EVER had!!!

This was a life-size nativity scene carved out of wood. It was soo beautiful!!

My cup that the Kinderpunch came in. In Germany, when you buy your drink, it comes with the cup but if you take it back, you get about 2 euros back which is about $2.75. Not too bad!

This was a food stand. When I was trying to explain the German thing that I wanted to buy, it looks like this but much smaller.

This is the place where we ate Brunch.

This is a beautiful church that was the center of the Markt.

These are all gummy bears. Germans give them as gifts.

These are the uptown town-homes.

The Train Station

Friday, December 3, 2010

Spiced Tea

A friend of mine invited Bryce and I over for dinner one night and after dinner, she made us spiced tea. I have never been a spiced tea kind of person. I always thought it tasted way too much like apple juice and I dont like apple juice. But this time, it was a totally different experience! It was heaven in my mouth!! for real!!! I cant express how much I LOVE this tea!! I have made it twice and saved the left overs and put it in the fridge for the next day. I have almost had this tea everyday since I went to her house last week. I MUST share the recipe with you! PLEASE try this at home! Its amazing!!!!

Spiced Tea
6 c water
2 cinnamon sticks
1 1/4 c sugar
1 tsp whole cloves
juice of 1 lemon (I just used about 1 Tbs of lemon juice)
1 c orange juice
1 c pineapple juice
6 tea bags (regular tea used for iced tea)

In large put, put spices, sugar, and water. Boil for 10 minutes
Take off burner
Add juices and heat again (careful not to let it come to a boil again- just let it get steaming hot)
Add tea bags
Let stand 15 minutes

It is pretty sweet so if you dont want it really sweet, add less sugar.


Btw: I'm enjoying a cup of it right now!!

Let me know what you think if you try it!! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


We got our first snow of the season on Thanksgiving day!! AND it was our first snow in Germany EVER!!! It was sooo neat!! And the snow here is not like it is in actually sticks!!! It snowed all day but it almost all melted the next day. But today....its SNOWING again!!!! And alot more too!!! Its sooo pretty!!!

Ok ok on a different note, yesterday, Bryce and I got to attend our first Christmas Market. Appariently, they are a big deal over here. We went to the one in Landstuhl which is about 15 minutes down the road. As we got there, all the booths were closing down. We did get to eat though!! I had pizza and Bryce had something that I dont know the name of. Its like a round piece of meat on homemade bread. He loves them!! Then we went to our favorite ice cream place and got coffee.

Here are some pics of our fun night last night and the pretty snow today...
On our way to the Christmas Market
Bryce wanted to take a pic of me at the ice cream place. I tried to get my hair in the pic. I looked like a boy from the front. ha!
This is my attire.... 2 pairs of leg warmers under my jeans, 2 pairs of socks with uggs on, a tank top, an under armor shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweat shirt, and a coat.
Bryes attire (no pic)- an under armor shirt, t-shirt, and coat, under armor leg warmers and jeans with boots.
See the difference?
The pretty snow I woke up to this morning!! Picture taken from our front bedroom.
From our balcony

Friday, November 26, 2010


This year, Thanksgiving was a little different for us. Since we're in Germany, we couldn't be with our families on Thanksgiving! Thankfully, our church had a thanksgiving feast!! At noon, Bryce and I headed to Frontline Community for some yummy food! I was sooo excited about the dressing!! It's my FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving!

As I was going through the line, I couldn't spot the dressing.. I just knew it had to be there though. I mean, who has a Thanksgiving dinner without dressing, right? Well, as I got closer to the end, I realized that there was no dressing. Uhhh!!!!! What?? No dressing?? I know I know. Crazy huh!!! I was devistated to say the least. But we both really enjoyed a great meal with some great new friends!

Bryce and I got to meet the pastor and his wife. And guess what! His wife is from Amarillo, where Bryce is from! And the pastor is also from Texas! It made me feel like I was at home talking to some of these sweet people. There are sooo many people that attend our church that are from Texas! And they are all Texas A&M Fans! I mean HUGE fans! Its funny! Its so crazy because it is so easy to talk to a person and tell if they are from Texas or not. The ones that are from Texas are sooo sweet, very outgoing, sooo nice, and all around GREAT people!! :) Not saying that some people from other states are any different!

On our way to and from the church, it didn't seem like Thanksgiving at all! There was too much traffic and the stores were all open! After we left the church, we stopped by the Penny Market to see what it was. We heard it was kind of like a Dollar General. Once we got in there, we realized its not really like a Dollar General. Its just a small market with cold foods, homemade breads, knik knaks, candy, small foods etc.

When we got home, we just relaxed and watched the Thanksgiving parade on TV. Then, we got to call our families on Skype and talk to them for awhile! That was nice! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We have sooo much to be thankful for!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dumpster Finds!!

I love "shopping" at the dumpsters here on base! Military people throw away great things!! Tonight, I found a really nice table! No scratches or anything!! And awhile back, I found a great lamp! I was really needing a lamp for our living room. I hate the lighting in there so I really wanted a lamp. Well, the ones at the BX are extremely expensive and I couldn't spend $40 on a small lamp. I saw this lamp at the dumpster but figured it wouldnt work. Well, I gave it a try! And guess what, it worked!! Why would someone throw away a good size, nice lamp?! They could at least attempt to sell it on (awesome website btw). I have bought pretty much everything in my house from there.

About the table... I drove by it today on my way to a friends house. On my way back home, I saw it again and REALLY wanted it but there was no way I was going to fit this big table in my car. So I got out to look at it and see if it was even worth trying for. Turns out, it was really nice but had water ALL over it since it had been raining all day long. Still interested, I turned the table sideways to see if I could unscrew the legs so it would fit in my car. They were too tight. I was determined at this point to get this table home with me! So I drove down to my house, a couple of blocks away, and got the plyers. Once I got back to the dumpster, I successfully unscrewed all the bolts and let down the seats in my car and struggled putting it in my car because it was incredibly HEAVY! But I got it!!!! I was soooo proud of myself and was thinking how Bryce was never going to believe this. I drove home, brought up the legs and my purse and came back down to get the table. I then carried it up to the second floor of our apartment. I might have scratched it a little bit. But you can't really tell. I brought it in the house, screwed the legs back on and cleaned it with some Pledge and it looks good as new!! I think the water might have messed up the top a little bit but I think its good enough for a computer desk!
Here's the lamp I found at the dumpster.
Here's the table! You can kind of see where I scratched the corner.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Bathrooms

This week over at Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life: Bathrooms! I have a very WHITE bathroom!! The thing I also dont like about it is that it's right by the front door! And totally on the opposite side of the apartment from the bedroom. Its weird! But oh well!! At least its pretty big! Enjoy!!

I got the shower curtain from Target. Its too short, I know!
This is a heater. They also have these in every bathroom. It can also be used for a towel warmer.

Notice the two buttons at the top of the toilet. The big button is for big loads and the small button is for the small loads. You will see this in every bathroom in Germany!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Visiting Bryce!

Bryce left last monday, the 1st of November. On Friday and Saturday, I got to go see him! His training is only about 15 minutes away. If I would have known before Friday that it was that short of a drive, I would have gone every day before that! On Friday, I cooked him his favorite ranch chicken and corn. I also took him a piece of pumpkin pie. We made 2 pies right before he left and one pie was gone before he left and also half of the other one! Bryce REALLY likes pumpkin pie!! A friend, Paloma, and I followed each other to Sembach (where Bryce is). Paloma made everyone stuffed shells. Once everyone was done eating, we just hung out and talked till about 9:30.

On Saturday, Paloma took me and another friend, Ashley, to go see our guys again! Paloma cooked once again! This time, she made homemade lasagna! After everyone ate, Bryce and I went to do his laundry at the laundrymat and once everyone left the building, I cut his hair. We figured it would gross alot of people out if they saw me cutting his hair is a laundrymat! HA! We could have done it outside but it was PITCH BLACK and raining... Im telling you, over here in Germany, it gets so dark outside!! You seriously cant see a thing!!
One thing I noticed while living over here is that they dont have street lights.. how crazy is that?! Also, the white lines on the roads arent reflective!! This makes it EXTREMELY difficult to drive when it is dark outside and especially when its raining!! When I first experienced this, I thought I didnt have my headlights on because I seriously could not see a thing!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All alone...

Well, Bryce left yesterday morning for 17 looooong days. Thankfully, a friend from church asked me to attend bible study with her this morning! That was so sweet! I was cooped up in the house all day yesterday so it nice to get out. I cleaned my whole house and did all the laundry yesterday! I held off on doing it when Bryce was here so it would give me something to do when he left. It definitely needed a deep cleaning! Bible study was really great this morning! I met ALOT of people from Texas and they are all HUGE Aggie fans! HA!

Tomorrow and Thursday I have to work! YAY! Is it sad that I get excited about work? I hate being stuck in the house bored to death everyday!! I absolutely HATE being bored. I would rather be super busy everyday and not have time to clean the house! HA!

My friend, Kristie, is expecting a baby and everyone is hoping she will have baby Bella today!! Its Kristies moms birthday and they would love it if they shared the same b-day. I havent gotten a text or anything yet so I am assuming Bella isnt ready. I hope she comes soon though!!!

Enough for today. Sorry all of my blog posts have been SUPER boring!!! I cant wait till Bryce and I get to travel more so I can post better pics!! :)

Have a great day!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok so if you know me well, you know I have never been trick-or-treating and Im not big into halloween AT ALL!! I was taught that it was the devils holiday. My family always went to the Fall Festivals at our church. We turned off our lights at night and went to the back of the house so the trick-or-treaters thought we werent home.

With that said, I have become alot more open-minded to it because of my husband but Im still a little un-sure of it. Bryce and I decided to hand out candy to the kids today so I took a trip to the commisary to get some candy. They didnt have any so I went to the BX. Someone PLEASE remind me to NEVER go to either the commisary OR the BX the day before Halloween!!! It was aweful!!! There were a million people there and there wasnt even alot of candy left! I only had two options with candy. Reese's and Milky Way. So, I got a package of both.

As I came home, there were a MILLION kids in the streets getting candy (about an hour ago) and so I excidedly came in to the house, poured the candy in a dish and turned the lights on....and as of right now, the door bell has YET to ring!!

All that worry for nothing....

When I say worry, I mean WORRY!! How much candy do I give out? What do I say after I give them candy? What if they ask for more? What if I run out? All of these things have been running through my mind!! I know I may be over reacting here but, seriously!!

On a different note, I dont and will never understand why people dress in scary costumes. I was FRIGHTENED of them when I was little and still to this day am TERRIFIED when I see someone in a scary costume! Is it amusing to scare people?! Do they enjoy it? I dont get how people can be so cruel!! When I am laying in my bed in a dark room, all I can picture is those scary people watching me in the corner of my room! Yes, I am 21 years old and sometimes feel like a 10 year old.

On a HAPPY note, Bryce and I attended a Gary Chapman conference today!!! He is the author of "The 5 Love Languages". It was AWESOME!!!! I learned so much and I think Bryce did too!! We both definitely needed some wise councel and we definitely got it!! I cant wait to see what the future holds for us!

Hope everyone has a Happy (not scary) Halloween!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Its been a LONG week!

Last week, I did'nt have to work because the DoD schools were out and the MDO's schedule goes along with the DoD schools. Sooo, of course the days that I'm off, Bryce had to work. Ha!

This past weekend, there was a Fest going on in downtown Kaiserslautern so Bryce and I decided to check it out! It was actually a lot of fun! We ate some good food and then when some of Bryce's friends got there, we rode a couple of rides. It got REALLY cold, to the point where it was miserable!! It HAD to be in the 30's. During the day here, its in the low 40's so I knew it was in the 30's that night. I had on leggings, jeans, uggs with 2 pairs of socks, a t-shirt under a sweat shirt which was under a huge coat and I also wore gloves! And after all that, it was still FREEZING! HA!
I really wanted some hot chocolate but appariently, the Germans dont do much of that! But everyone did have a hot cup of wine, which is so weird! Bryce decided to get some just to see what it was like, and also because we were FREEZING and needed something warm to was GROSS!!! Ah!! Im sure it would be good to a wine drinker, but I hate wine!!
On Sunday, we attended Frontline Community again and once again, it was GREAT!! I absolutely LOVE that church!!! Next week they are having a chili cook-off thing and I really hope Bryce and I are able to go so we can meet some people from their. Last week was Baptism sunday and there were alot of people that got baptized! It was great because the paster opened it up to everyone! If there was someone in the church that became a Christian but hadnt been baptized, he told them that if they wanted to be baptized, to come on down!! And they did!
There was a man there and it was his first Sunday. He just got back from Iraq on the 19th of this month. He became a Christian in Iraq and when he got home, he led his family to Christ! Isnt that awesome?! And he had to opportunity to be Baptized in Iraq but he said that he had already done alot away from his family and being baptized was something he wanted his family to see. So needless to say, he walked down front in his dress pants and nice shirt and got baptized! No change of clothes, no towel, nothin! Praise God! Then after that, his son walked down and wanted to get baptized as well (remember his dad led him to Christ when he got home from Iraq). How cool!! It was a great Sunday!!
On a totally different note, a week from today, the love of my life will be leaving me for 2 1/2 weeks. He has to go to training for his deployment. Oh my! What in the world am I going to do!!! You may be thinking, come on liz its not a big deal, he is going to have to leave you for 6 months soon!! I know I know, but I will be back in the states when he deploys! When he leaves for 2 1/2 weeks, I will be stuck here, only working 2 days a week, not really any friends, ALONE!!! I am dreading it!! The only thing I look forward to everyday is Bryce coming home from work! And when he leaves, what will I have to look forward to?!?! NOTHING! AH!!! I want to cry just thinking about it!!! Please pray for me!!!

Bryce and I in the car before we headed out in the misserable cold weather at the fest!
This is a pretty tree right outside our window!
Here are some pictures of the trees! They are REALLY pretty! I took these pictures while driving! HA! Not smart, I know! But I had to get pics before the leaves fall!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Day!

Today I slept in but Bryce had to go into work for a deployment training. :( For the first time ever, he got to come home for lunch, for 2 hours!!! It was great! Then I went with him to take him back to work at 2pm and I went and ran some errands.

When he got off at about 4pm, we went back home to get his cleats for a flag football game. Turns out, he couldnt find his cleats. I guess he left them in Amarillo.

So, we had to go back to Ramstein and buy him some new cleats for his game. He loves them! :) Then, we went to his game. The team is in the playoffs and a friend of Bryce's on the team asked him to come play for a guy that wasn't there. Sadly, Bryce didn't get to play but its not really a big deal because his team got STOMPED on!!! The score ended up being 21-0 I think. It was bad.

Then, we went and worked out. When we got home, I made chicken enchiladas and mexican rice! YUM! It was really good!! Now Bryce is playing his new video game and I'm tired and ready to go to bed! ha.

Yesterday, we attended Frontline Community Church again and it was GREAT!!! Even better than the week before! Music really does make a huge difference in church. I loved how layed back and contemporary Fronline is but yet the Lord definitely moves in that church!

The paster said "Its open mike night, except in the morning". He is quite humerous! Instead of the paster preaching a sermon, people came up and spoke about how faithful the Lord has been in their life lately. It was awesome!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yesterday, Bryce and I went out to eat with the Mimms and their friend Amanda and her son Coen. It was alot of fun! We haven't gotten to hang out with the Mimms in a while and Kristie is about to have a baby soon so it was our last chance to hang out before she has her baby, Bella!

She is due in Novemeber but at her last appointment, the doctor said Bella is already 7Ib+. I don't think she will make it to November! We went to an Italian restaurant in Landstuhl. They have amazing pasta!!

After we ate, we went to get ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop!

Here is a video of Coen eating a lemon at the restaurant. I guess he liked it since he kept eating it. It is sooo funny!! You have to watch it!!!! I couldn't hold the camera still because I was laughing so hard! Sorry!

Today, I cleaned house all day since Bryce worked. When he got home, we went to Globus. It is a HUGE store!! Its like a walmart and sams and target all put together, German style! They have a restaurant in there along with a few small stores. Our plan was to just eat at the restaurant but that didnt happen... We always find stuff there that looks good so we HAVE to try it!

We got some bread, you can NEVER go wrong with German bread!! Its amazing! I'm not even a big bread eater but oh my, once I had German bread, I fell in love!

We also got some candy. We can never leave Globus without finding some candy that looks good. How can you not? There are 2 aisles full of just candy!!

We also got some pastries. Bryce got a strawberry cake roll thingy. I got a huge cream puff!! It is delicious!!! Here is a pic so you can see how delicious it looks.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Office

Bryce and I don't really have an "Office" but I guess you can consider our computer area our mini-office! My wedding colors were dark teal and black and the feather arrangement is from a centerpiece and I LOVE it. The amazing canvas is from Bryce's aunt. She made it all by herself!:) It is one of my favorite things in the house. I put the teal "things" around the office area since I don't have much teal in my house. Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boring week!

This week has been pretty boring. Nothing exciting has really happened. I worked Mothers Day Out yesterday and I worked Kids Korner today. Bryce and I are about to go to the store since today was pay day!! :) Tomorrow, I am going to a Thirty-One party!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I really cant wait! It will be a good chance to get to know some ladies and just hang out and spend money on super cute stuff!! I have already looked through the catalogue and I already know what Im going to get. I have been in need of a lunch box of some sort to take to work with me. Thirty-One has super cute lunch boxes and I can monogram it too!!! This makes me so happy! :) I also want to get some more stationary. My mother-in-law got me some for Christmas last year and they are almost gone and I really want some more! :)

Bryce has to work this weekend which is a bummer because that means I have to go to church by myself, again! Last week we visited a new church, Frontline Community. It was much better than the one we were attending. Its alot more layed back and contemporary, like Sherman Bible. I miss Sherman Bible soooo much!! I absolutely love that church!

Now its time to go get some lunch with my sweet husband!

Have a great day!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Kitchen

Today, At Kelly's Korner, its Show Us Your Life Friday! Today I'm showing my kitchen. I absolutely LOVE my kitchen. I think its my favorite room in the house! I also love to cook in my kitchen! I got everything I needed (plus some) for my kitchen as wedding gifts! I didnt get any electronics because of the different outlets. I planned on just buying them here in Germany. Well, I still havent gotten anything! I really want a blender!! We also need a toaster but its not a NEED right now. I will eventually convince myself to go buy the kitchen electronics...just havent been convinced yet. I just dont want to spend the money! I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Bryce is off tomorrow and Sunday! I cant wait! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kris Allen

Yesterday, Kris Allen was at the BX to sign autographs. It started at 1pm and I was a little late getting ready so Bryce and I left the house at about 1:30pm to go get an autograph. By the time we got there, it was about 2pm...I missed him by 5 minutes!! AHH!!! I was sooo upset! But thankfully, he was having a free concert at the Kazabra Club that night! Soooo, I dragged Bryce with me to go see him play! It lasted about an hour and he was GREAT!! I didnt realize he was so short!! He is barely taller than me!! And Im only 5'2. Here are some pictures from our crazy fun night...or my crazy fun night..not so much Bryce's. Ha!