Monday, November 29, 2010


We got our first snow of the season on Thanksgiving day!! AND it was our first snow in Germany EVER!!! It was sooo neat!! And the snow here is not like it is in actually sticks!!! It snowed all day but it almost all melted the next day. But today....its SNOWING again!!!! And alot more too!!! Its sooo pretty!!!

Ok ok on a different note, yesterday, Bryce and I got to attend our first Christmas Market. Appariently, they are a big deal over here. We went to the one in Landstuhl which is about 15 minutes down the road. As we got there, all the booths were closing down. We did get to eat though!! I had pizza and Bryce had something that I dont know the name of. Its like a round piece of meat on homemade bread. He loves them!! Then we went to our favorite ice cream place and got coffee.

Here are some pics of our fun night last night and the pretty snow today...
On our way to the Christmas Market
Bryce wanted to take a pic of me at the ice cream place. I tried to get my hair in the pic. I looked like a boy from the front. ha!
This is my attire.... 2 pairs of leg warmers under my jeans, 2 pairs of socks with uggs on, a tank top, an under armor shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweat shirt, and a coat.
Bryes attire (no pic)- an under armor shirt, t-shirt, and coat, under armor leg warmers and jeans with boots.
See the difference?
The pretty snow I woke up to this morning!! Picture taken from our front bedroom.
From our balcony

Friday, November 26, 2010


This year, Thanksgiving was a little different for us. Since we're in Germany, we couldn't be with our families on Thanksgiving! Thankfully, our church had a thanksgiving feast!! At noon, Bryce and I headed to Frontline Community for some yummy food! I was sooo excited about the dressing!! It's my FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving!

As I was going through the line, I couldn't spot the dressing.. I just knew it had to be there though. I mean, who has a Thanksgiving dinner without dressing, right? Well, as I got closer to the end, I realized that there was no dressing. Uhhh!!!!! What?? No dressing?? I know I know. Crazy huh!!! I was devistated to say the least. But we both really enjoyed a great meal with some great new friends!

Bryce and I got to meet the pastor and his wife. And guess what! His wife is from Amarillo, where Bryce is from! And the pastor is also from Texas! It made me feel like I was at home talking to some of these sweet people. There are sooo many people that attend our church that are from Texas! And they are all Texas A&M Fans! I mean HUGE fans! Its funny! Its so crazy because it is so easy to talk to a person and tell if they are from Texas or not. The ones that are from Texas are sooo sweet, very outgoing, sooo nice, and all around GREAT people!! :) Not saying that some people from other states are any different!

On our way to and from the church, it didn't seem like Thanksgiving at all! There was too much traffic and the stores were all open! After we left the church, we stopped by the Penny Market to see what it was. We heard it was kind of like a Dollar General. Once we got in there, we realized its not really like a Dollar General. Its just a small market with cold foods, homemade breads, knik knaks, candy, small foods etc.

When we got home, we just relaxed and watched the Thanksgiving parade on TV. Then, we got to call our families on Skype and talk to them for awhile! That was nice! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We have sooo much to be thankful for!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dumpster Finds!!

I love "shopping" at the dumpsters here on base! Military people throw away great things!! Tonight, I found a really nice table! No scratches or anything!! And awhile back, I found a great lamp! I was really needing a lamp for our living room. I hate the lighting in there so I really wanted a lamp. Well, the ones at the BX are extremely expensive and I couldn't spend $40 on a small lamp. I saw this lamp at the dumpster but figured it wouldnt work. Well, I gave it a try! And guess what, it worked!! Why would someone throw away a good size, nice lamp?! They could at least attempt to sell it on (awesome website btw). I have bought pretty much everything in my house from there.

About the table... I drove by it today on my way to a friends house. On my way back home, I saw it again and REALLY wanted it but there was no way I was going to fit this big table in my car. So I got out to look at it and see if it was even worth trying for. Turns out, it was really nice but had water ALL over it since it had been raining all day long. Still interested, I turned the table sideways to see if I could unscrew the legs so it would fit in my car. They were too tight. I was determined at this point to get this table home with me! So I drove down to my house, a couple of blocks away, and got the plyers. Once I got back to the dumpster, I successfully unscrewed all the bolts and let down the seats in my car and struggled putting it in my car because it was incredibly HEAVY! But I got it!!!! I was soooo proud of myself and was thinking how Bryce was never going to believe this. I drove home, brought up the legs and my purse and came back down to get the table. I then carried it up to the second floor of our apartment. I might have scratched it a little bit. But you can't really tell. I brought it in the house, screwed the legs back on and cleaned it with some Pledge and it looks good as new!! I think the water might have messed up the top a little bit but I think its good enough for a computer desk!
Here's the lamp I found at the dumpster.
Here's the table! You can kind of see where I scratched the corner.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Bathrooms

This week over at Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life: Bathrooms! I have a very WHITE bathroom!! The thing I also dont like about it is that it's right by the front door! And totally on the opposite side of the apartment from the bedroom. Its weird! But oh well!! At least its pretty big! Enjoy!!

I got the shower curtain from Target. Its too short, I know!
This is a heater. They also have these in every bathroom. It can also be used for a towel warmer.

Notice the two buttons at the top of the toilet. The big button is for big loads and the small button is for the small loads. You will see this in every bathroom in Germany!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Visiting Bryce!

Bryce left last monday, the 1st of November. On Friday and Saturday, I got to go see him! His training is only about 15 minutes away. If I would have known before Friday that it was that short of a drive, I would have gone every day before that! On Friday, I cooked him his favorite ranch chicken and corn. I also took him a piece of pumpkin pie. We made 2 pies right before he left and one pie was gone before he left and also half of the other one! Bryce REALLY likes pumpkin pie!! A friend, Paloma, and I followed each other to Sembach (where Bryce is). Paloma made everyone stuffed shells. Once everyone was done eating, we just hung out and talked till about 9:30.

On Saturday, Paloma took me and another friend, Ashley, to go see our guys again! Paloma cooked once again! This time, she made homemade lasagna! After everyone ate, Bryce and I went to do his laundry at the laundrymat and once everyone left the building, I cut his hair. We figured it would gross alot of people out if they saw me cutting his hair is a laundrymat! HA! We could have done it outside but it was PITCH BLACK and raining... Im telling you, over here in Germany, it gets so dark outside!! You seriously cant see a thing!!
One thing I noticed while living over here is that they dont have street lights.. how crazy is that?! Also, the white lines on the roads arent reflective!! This makes it EXTREMELY difficult to drive when it is dark outside and especially when its raining!! When I first experienced this, I thought I didnt have my headlights on because I seriously could not see a thing!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All alone...

Well, Bryce left yesterday morning for 17 looooong days. Thankfully, a friend from church asked me to attend bible study with her this morning! That was so sweet! I was cooped up in the house all day yesterday so it nice to get out. I cleaned my whole house and did all the laundry yesterday! I held off on doing it when Bryce was here so it would give me something to do when he left. It definitely needed a deep cleaning! Bible study was really great this morning! I met ALOT of people from Texas and they are all HUGE Aggie fans! HA!

Tomorrow and Thursday I have to work! YAY! Is it sad that I get excited about work? I hate being stuck in the house bored to death everyday!! I absolutely HATE being bored. I would rather be super busy everyday and not have time to clean the house! HA!

My friend, Kristie, is expecting a baby and everyone is hoping she will have baby Bella today!! Its Kristies moms birthday and they would love it if they shared the same b-day. I havent gotten a text or anything yet so I am assuming Bella isnt ready. I hope she comes soon though!!!

Enough for today. Sorry all of my blog posts have been SUPER boring!!! I cant wait till Bryce and I get to travel more so I can post better pics!! :)

Have a great day!!