Saturday, November 2, 2013

The business that changed my life

Some may or may not know that I recently started selling a skincare line by the same doctors that created Proactiv and I am SO excited about it. Its called Rodan+Fields. There is a regimen for sensitive skin, acne, anti aging and dark spots. There is something for EVERYBODY! Rodan+Fields was the top seller in Nordstrom in 2007 and has been in over 30 beauty magazines. Several celebrities are using the products and they absolutely love them. Wow!!!

I LOVE these products and have never used anything like it before. I have struggled with my face since I was in middle school and have never been able to find anything to clear my face up. I tried EVERYTHING! A week after I started using Rodan+Fields, my face was almost completely clear!!!! I was sold on the products. Now, my skin is SO smooth and my tone has improved drastically!!

 When I was first approached by the business, I was a little skeptical because I am NOT a sales person. I tried selling Mary Kay and Arbonne and neither one of those worked out for me. But once I heard a little more about the business, I decided to give it a try.

They require NO home parties and there in NO inventory. All we do is simply tell our friends about these amazing products via phone or facebook. It has been SO easy and such a blessing for my family. Heck, I get to use the products AND make money at the same time! And with the 60 day full money back guarantee, it was risk free. I decided that I would try to sell it and if it didn't work out for me after 60 days, I would send everything back for a full refund. The only risk I saw was not taking the risk at all.

So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in, email me at and I would LOVE to send you some more information!!! And if you aren't interested, maybe someone you know might be!

Seriously, check out these before and after pictures!!! The results don't lie!!! :)