Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Master Bedroom

This Friday is show us your life: Master Bedroom. These pics were taken when we first moved in but everything is pretty much the same. The "Stringer" sign above our bed was given to Bryce and I as a Christmas present from Bryces mom. I absolutely LOVE IT!! Im not sure where she ordered it from but its one of my favorite things in the house. I plan on getting lamps and eventually, a new bed.

Everything that is stuck in the corner (box, gun, etc.) isnt there anymore. I want to find a rocking share and put it in the corner.
The lamp is not there anymore. That was apart of the FMO furniture (borrowed) and so now, I have a fikus tree there.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wine Festival!

A guy that Bryce works with and his (German) wife asked us to go to the worlds largest wine festival with them. We were just expecting there to be lots of wine and food etc. We gladly accepted to go (although we arent wine drinkers). When we got there, it was totally not what we expected!! It was actually like a really big fair! There was a TON of food!! And lots of games and rides. We had a ton of fun!! We got there at around 5pm and we chowed down on everything! Bryce and I split everything that we got so we could try alot more stuff. All of the food was absolutely amazing! It doesnt even compare to the best American food! After we ate some, we rode a HUGE swing! I got some really good pics too that you can see below.

We left at around 10:30pm because after that, it gets CRAZY! Its open all night and since its a wine festival, ALOT of people are stupid and get really drunk and go crazy! We didnt want to be around that so we called it a day. Bryce wanted to go back today but its like 30 minutes away and we were too tired. He wanted to go back because we didnt get the chance to try all of the cool food! Here are some pictures from the fair...
This is a two story go-cart ride!My sweetie!!Im not sure the name of this but its beef with onions with a garlic sauce on amazing bread!! YUM!!Winery!This picture was taken from the big swing!Here is a pic of the big swing!This is amazing salty bread that came with hot vanilla dipping sauce. OMG! Has to be the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!! The amazing corn stand!This is a huge skillet that the Germans use. It spins and it burns off of wood and coals. These were all over the place and can be worn as a necklace. It is a Gingerbread cookie and most people give them as gifts.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Show us your life Fridays!

Living Room Edition...I am a follower of Kelly's Korner and she came up with the idea for bloggers to post about the topic each Friday. Its a way to show everyone your life and a great way to get home ideas from other bloggers. Each week will be different. Next week is the Master Bedroom. This is an old picture but it still looks the exact same. I am trying to find a large mirror to put above the couch because I dont like the pic thats there now. I also want to try to find new furniture but I cant do that until we sell our furniture. I think it just looks weird with the wall color. I know, Im weird!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First day of work!

Today was a great first day! I am working at Faith Baptist Church in the nursery for Mothers Day Out! I am working with the 1 and 2 year olds. It really isnt that bad! There are 3 teachers with 11 kids. Its from 9-2pm on Wednesdays. When the kids first got there, alot of the were crying and some were crying histerically!! After about 30 minutes, we got them all settled down and then the fun began! The time flew by! The workers were busy the whole time! I am also working tomorrow (Thursdays) in the nursery for a womens bible study. Its only from 9-12pm. Im hoping it will be as good as today was! But tomorrow, I will be working with the 3 and 4 year olds. Oh dear! It was soooo nice to finally be able to get out of the house, and make some money at the same time!! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Military! Ugh!

I absolutely hate the military. I dont hate many things but the military is definitely one of them!!


Well, many reasons! Yesterday, Bryce had a meeting and he was walking in the door 5 minutes EARLY and his supervisor called him 3 TIMES!! Just to ask why he was late! And he wasnt even late!!!! And this morning, I took Bryce to work at 4am. He got there 20 minutes early and as we were coming in the gate, his supervisor called him AGAIN to ask where he was!!! Like he was late or something. Turns out, they were supposed to be there a little early and no one let Bryce know. This has happened numerous times!!!

Bryce works a 3,2,2,3 schedule. It means that he works 3 days, off 2, work 2, off 3. So he pretty much has every other weekend off (Fri, Sat, Sun). This weekend is supposed to be his weekend off. Well, they are changing up the schedule so turns out, Bryce has to work. Meaning he will be working 3 weekends in a row. Which means I have to go to church by myself, 3 sundays in a row!! I hate going to church by myself! When he works this weekend, he will have worked 7 days out of 9 (14 hour shifts)- not including the time he goes in on his days off.

Every last day on his days off, he has to go in at 2pm to study for a test he has already taken. Stupid, I know! When I say every last day on his days off, I mean if he is off for 3 days, he has to go in on his 3rd day to study. About 4 days a week, he has PT (personal training) after work for about an hour. So instead of him getting home at 6:30, its at about 7:30.

Im sure there are many more reasons but you get the idea why I hate the military. I never get to see my husband!! Most of the people in the military curse every-other word they say! It is so hard to find christian friends to help lift us up in our faith!!

"Its easier to tear someone down than it is to lift someone up"

With everything that I have said, I have tried to think of maybe some GOOD things that I like about the military....

I like the benefits! I like walking into the dentist and being able to walk out without paying a dime. If we were planning on having kids while we were here in Germany, it would be ordeal!! No hospital bills!! And everyone here can get on WIC which means you get a ton of groceries for FREE!!! (milk, cheese, baby food, fruit etc.)

Too bad thats not the plan!!

I think that is the ONLY thing I like about the military.

Thanks for listening to be vent! I just had to get that off of my chest!!

I am crazy homesick right now! I miss walmart, target, tj maxx, hobby lobby, chipotle, jasons deli, SHOPPING and much more! I dont know how people do this being away from everyone they know!! And they actually enjoy it!!! Most of the people here like being away from friends and family!! I dont get it at all. I just cant wait to be home.

Thats all for now...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!

Bryce and I went to the Woods house today for a cookout. I had never met the Woods but Bryce works with both of them. It was alot of fun! They are really nice! Oh my, we had a ton of food!! There was chicken, steak, burgers, fries, mixed fruit, chips and dip, cookies, and cream puffs. It was very delicious though!! After we ate, we watched "The Losers". It was a pretty funny money. Now me and my love are at home and about to watch a movie that we rented yesterday, "The book of Eli". Im wondering if its really based off the book of Eli. I guess I'm about to find out. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day. Here are a few pics from today...

This is of the guys trying to put the grill together...

They put a little too much lighter fluid

All the yummy food!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Friends!!

So, last night, Bryce and I went to some friends house to eat dinner. They are the Turners. They are they sweetest people I know! I think Susie is my new best friend! She fixed us spaghetti, salad, bread, and banana pudding. YUM! So good!! It was sad that we had to leave early because Bryce had to get home and study for his big test that he had today. Susie and her husband are PCS'ing in November. :( Its too bad because we are becoming really good friends. Susie is originally from Shreveport, LA which is close to Tyler so when I come home next semester (fingers crossed), we are going to meet up and have lunch or something! That will be fun! It is so nice to finally meet a good christian couple that helps lift us up in our faith!!

Today, Bryce took his BIG test! Its a test over his job and if he had'nt have made a 90 or above, he had to have a meeting with the Big Guy! I was so scared for him this morning! I prayed so hard for him!! Thankfully, he texted me this morning and said his scores were 96,96,92 and a 100 (There were multiple tests). I am sooo very proud of him!! I knew he would do good!!

Now I've got to think about whats for dinner..hmmm

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So I got a "thing" removed from my mouth about a week ago. Not sure what the "thing" was. Although, I do know it can be cancerous. They totally cut a huge hole in my gum and didnt sew it up or anything! Im hoping it will heal soon!! Here is a pic! Can you see the hole?

Lazy Day

Today has been sort of a lazy day. We slept in WAYYYY too late. I mean, WAY too late. I wont even say how late...

Bryce had a dentist appointment this morning at 7am to get a filling and then he came home and went back to sleep. Poor baby!

At 11am, the pest control came to spray for spiders. Lately, we have found some BIG spiders in our bathroom and bedroom. They actually didnt spray because they said the spiders werent poisonous and that they only come in during the summer and since summer is almost over here, we shouldnt have a problem seeing them again.

So after the pest control left, we went back to bed... : ) Ok ok, we didnt get to bed till like 1 am last night so we have an excuse...right?

When we finally got up, Bryce made some REALLLY good biscuits and gravy!!! Then we got ready and went to the BX so Bryce could by the new Madden 11 (video game). We hung out there for awhile and I bought some candy corn and Bryce also got a lunch box for work. After that, we went to the commisary in hopes of stocking up on food for the next 2 we wont have to go almost everyday for little items. Well, it was super packed..probably because yesterday was pay day. We decided to pass and go tomorrow.

So instead of the commisary, we went to eat at Chili's. The food was super good!! Here, you never know what the food is going to be like. One day it will seem like you are seriously eating food that has been sitting out for 3 days and them somedays, its fresh and hot!! Today, it was fresh and hot!

Now we are home and Bryce has been playing Madden 11. A friend of Bryces just came over so Bryce can cut his hair. Thats it for now!! Hope your having a fabulous day!!! Feel free to leave a comment!! ;)