Friday, February 11, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Beauty Tips

Today is Show Us Your Life: Beauty Tips over at I haven't been posting the past 2 weeks of SUYL because they have been about kids and I don't have kids yet.

I don't have many beauty tips but I will share what I have been asked about a few times...

1. My hair- People used to always tell me that my hair was so soft. I never really do anything special though. I shampoo and condition it just about everday. The for volume, I blow dry it upside down. Before I blow dry it, I add some silk therapy and volumizing spray on my roots. Once blow dried, I straighten it with my chi straightener.

Once I first moved to Germany, I had to use a Europe outlet so I had to buy a cheap straightener. Let me just tell you, there is a huge difference between a chi and any other kind of straightener. The chi really makes my hair softer and it is so much faster because its so hot.

One thing I do is always switch out my shampoos and conditioners. I have about 5 different brands in my shower and switch them out everytime I shower.

I NEVER use Pantene. I have always heard that it creates build up on your hair. I LOVE dove! But only use it once a week. I also Love Aussie shampoos. My all time favorite is Bed Head for brunettes.

Once I get it washed, blow dried, and straightened, I use Bed Head Masterpiece hairspray and a small brush to tease my hair for volume.

Skin Care: Now this is what I'm talking about!! I use Arbonne for skin care. It is a little expensive but TOTALLY worth the money! I don't have the complete kit but I'm working towards it. Right now, I use their RE9 Advanced system. Its an anti aging system. I use the eye cream and serum and then use Mary Kay moisturizer after I apply the Arbonne.

I am also a consultant for Arbonne and HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!


Lauren said...

Liz, I had no idea you were a consultant for Arbonne! We need to discuss the face stuff..because I've definitely been looking for new skin care products :)

Maria said...

I LOVE Arbonne! I use it daily and posted about it too:)

AndreaLeigh said...

I've heard great things about Arbonne but I have also heard it is a little expensive.

I love the TIGI Bedhead line!

Lori said...

I NEVER use Pantene either. My aunt was a hair stylist and she taught me from a very young age that you should never use it!! Thanks for the tips!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I didn't know about how bad Pantene was until this week's SUYL! Eeek! Glad I rarely use it.

zevandfi said...

I´m an Air Force wife in southern Germany too! Isn´t it great here!? I just told my husband "there is another Air Force wife who follows Kellys Korner!" Hope you enjoy your tour here. We have really enjoyed our 2 and a half years.