Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bad Durkheim

Last weekend, Bryce had Sunday off work so we decided to go to Bad Durkheim after church. We left at around 4pm and took two of Bryce's work friends with us. We had a lot of fun and Ava was great the whole time. Bad Durkheim wine fest is the largest wine fest in the world and draws more than 600,000 visitors each year. It is HUGE! We spent 4 hours there and I don't think we covered the whole thing.

Biggest iron skillet I have ever seen!

Ava road on her first ride!!

I think I had more fun than she did! ;)

Best. Dad. EVER!!

This picture was taken back in 2010 when we went to the festival for the first time. You can read about our first experience here . It is HUGE!!! 


Krista Todd said...

Looks so fun!! Love that y'all get to go to so many festivals - definitely something we're missing in the states!

Also, you're pictures are getting really good! The colors are so vibrant! Awesome job!

Casey said...

We're going there on Sunday! And now I'm super excited after looking at all of your photos!