Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am so glad Halloween is over! I did enjoy dressing Ava up and taking her to get some candy but I am not a big fan of the holiday. This was MY first year EVER to go trick or treating. We just went on base so I knew it was pretty safe. But instead of trick or treating, they did trunk or treating. A bunch of cars lined up and decorated their trunks and passed out candy as the kids walked by. 

I dressed Ava as a little lamb this year! Its a tad bit small but I think it still turned out cute. She was dressed in layers because it was freezing outside! It had snowed the day before so I was worried it would be a yucky day but it ended up being a pretty night! Yeah, it was in the high 40's but that was warm compared to what it was the day before! :)

Bryce had to work on Halloween and didn't get off until 10pm so we ended up tagging along with some friends of ours. Aren't they cute?!?!

 Sweet Charleston! 

We attempted a group picture of the kids but the babies were NOT having it!

This is one of the trucks when we went trunk or treating! They went all out this year!

They served hot dogs and drinks! There were a TON of people there!! To the right of this picture, they had an outdoor movie for the kids! So fun!

I was SO sad Bryce missed out on all the fun! When we were done, we did take him some candy so I think that made up for it a little bit.


Brandi said...

i am not a fan of Halloween either!!! Looks like you all had fun!!

4Scherden said...

Ava is so stinkin' cute!!