Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Weekend...

At about 9pm Friday night, I decided to go to a funeral in La Grange, Texas on Saturday morning. It was Bryce's aunts mothers funeral so I'm not sure if we are "officially" related or not but all of Bryce's family went and I really wanted to see all of them.

At 5:30am Saturday morning, I woke up and headed to McKinney to meet Bryce's other aunt, Cristy, and her daughter, Emily, and I road with them to La Grange. La Grange is a small, country town close to Austin. We got there at around 11am and the funeral started at noon. It was soooo good to see Bryce's family!! But it also made me miss my husband SO MUCH!!! Words can't even describe how much I missed him. There were a couple of times I almost lost it cause I missed him so much. Seeing his family kind of made me feel closer to him though. I know Bryce wishes more than anything that he could have been there.

The funeral was a very laid back setting. It was very casual! We had a big BBQ and then afterwards, we went out to the families ranch and B & B. I absolutely LOVED it out there!! It would be such a fun place to get away for the weekend! I definitely miss being around all the "country" living!!

After hanging out for awhile, I left with Bryce's parents and brothers and we headed to The Woodlands to visit Bryce's older brother and his wife. Oh my word, I wish I had pictures of their house because it was BEAUTIFUL!! I want to live in the Woodlands!! That is the coolest town ever!! We went to eat at a really cool pizza place called Grimaldi's. Best Pizza Ever!! It tasted just like the pizza in France!

Then we left and got on the road and ended up staying in a hotel for the night. This morning, we got up and went to Dallas to meet up with my parents and we ate at a burger place. Then my mom, dad, and I went shopping at the Grapevine Mills mall for a little bit then headed home. It has definitely been a fun filled weekend!!

I SO wish I would have taken some pictures this weekend but I kept forgetting about my camera!!

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