Thursday, April 7, 2011

How we told our families...

I found out I was pregnant on February 6th and my moms birthday is on February 9th so I came up with a brilliant idea to tell her on her birthday!

I flew home from Germany on Feb. 8th so I had to keep it a secret when I got home until the next day! That was hard!!

The day of her birthday, I gave her a birthday gift. I got her some really good hand cream from Germany and I also gave her a picture frame that said "Baby Stringer coming soon". I gave it to her while my whole family was in the living room so everyone could find out at once. As she opened the gift and saw the frame, her mouth just dropped!! It was so funny! And then she showed the frame to my sisters and dad and they just all freaked out! They were so excited and all we could talk about for the rest of the night was about the baby!!

Later that day (or the next day, dont remember), I talked to Bryce's mom, dad and brothers on Skype. Bryce had talked to them earlier that day and told his parents to ask me what I got my mom for her birthday. Why didn't Bryce just tell them I was pregnant? I dont know!! So Bryce's mom asked me and I showed them the frame. She said "Nuh uh". haha!! She couldn't believe it! They were all really excited too!!

This is the frame. I know the quality is horrible and you cant see it very well but it gives you an idea of what I did.

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MooAtU2 said...

Hi, I was looking up info on Frontline Community Church and your blog came up. I enjoy following blogs of other people stationed in Germany, so hope you don't mind if I follow you!