Wednesday, June 29, 2011

24 Weeks

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and it went really well. Dr. Luciani said the baby is good and healthy. Our baby girl is now a foot long and over a pound! Whew! I am measuring at 24cm which is not too big and not too small, its just perfect! The babies heartrate was 158!

I didn't have an ultrasound this month. Now come to think of it, yesterday was the second appointment I have had where I didn't get an ultrasound! All my other appointments, I have gotten ultrasounds. I'm pretty spoiled. I have one scheduled for my next appointment though!

I have to do the glucose test at my next appointment. Not looking forward to getting my blood drawn at all!! Hopefully I won't have to lay there for an hour like I did the last time I got my blood drawn. That was an experience.

For those of you who don't know, I am HORRIBLE with shots!! And I usually pass out. It's all mental, I know! The last time I had my blood drawn, it went pretty well. I layed down, they took my blood, and I was good to go! Or so I thought...

As I got up to go give a urine sample, I totally blacked out in the bathroom! Thankfully the bathroom was right across the hall from my room so I felt my way back to my room to lay back down before I actually pass out. After 30 minutes, I thought I was good so I got up to leave and what do ya know, it happened again!!

Whenever I get my blood drawn, I always have to have a small snack and something to drink. It's usually a Dr. Pepper and crackers and the doctors office always provides it. Well, the doctor that I was seeing didn't have anything in their office like that! They didn't even have water!!! Another reason I am glad I switched doctors.

Anyways, hopefully this next time will be better!! And I will take a caffeine free drink and a snack just in case!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 24 weeks (6 months)

Size of baby: An ear of corn. About a foot long a over 1 pound

Total weight gain/loss: gained 7 pounds total

Maternity Clothes: I can still fit into my regular clothes but my shorts are really snug in the waist so I have been using the hair tie trick

Gender: Girl!!

Movement: I feel her ALL THE TIME!!! It's awesome!!

Sleep: I sleep pretty good but I've been having some lower back pain when I sleep

What I miss: nothing really

Cravings: grapes

Symptoms: Still the absent mindedness, lower back pain, acid reflux, and indigestion

Best moment this week: Doctors appointment and knowing that the baby is growing and healthy


Emily said...

You are looking great! Good luck with the glucose test, I think you will be fine! I am the same way with needles and I tell the person taking my blood ahead of time. Also, I usually take my ipod to distract myself!

kapjones said...

HA! Must run on the Philips side of the family! I'm the same way. But you can do it - I've done it with three babies. Take a snack after the glucose test. You'll be hungry anyway. As far as the whole labor thing, well the epidural is the least of your worries - it was the IV that got me. Almost passed out 2 of 3 babies. The trick with the last one was to put in my earphones and tune everybody out! Worked like a charm! (probably helped to have a good person putting in the IV too!)
BTW - you look great!