Thursday, September 1, 2011

33 weeks!!

I was actually 33 weeks yesterday but I totally forgot to take a picture!!



Front view: Hard to see because of my scarf


Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 33 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: Baby girl is the size of a pineapple. 4.2 pounds and 17.2 inches long!!

Total weight gain/loss: 17 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I’m wearing my regular clothes today. I usually wear maternity shirts though because of the length. I hate maternity pants so I’m still in my regular jeans.

Sleep: I sleep great!! I usually just get up once in the night to use the bathroom.

What I miss: Nothing this week! Just really enjoying being pregnant! I’m definitely going to miss this once baby girl is born!!

Cravings: German Ice cream!! YUM!!!

Symptoms: Acid Reflux!!!! I’ve been poppin’ the tums like they are candy!!

Best moment this week: Buying paint for the baby’s room? Haven’t really done much this week to prepare for baby’s arrival! Oops!! Oh wait, I did buy a glider!! Can’t wait to go pick it up!!!

What I am most looking forward to: Bryce coming home so we can paint the baby’s room and finish getting it ready!

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Emily said...

I cannot wait to see the baby's room! Have fun painting and getting ready "nesting". This may be a silly question, but how is German ice cream different? Maybe I need to try some!