Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking back at 2011

Wow, what a year! 2011 is definitely a year I will NEVER forget! So much has happened. Here is a recap of our year...

January: Nothing really exciting. Bryce was preparing to deploy and I was preparing to go home for 6 months while he was gone.

February: Bryce left for Kuwait for 6 months and 2 days later, I found out I was pregnant!!! Two days after that, I went home to the states while Bryce was deployed. On the 14th, we celebrated our first anniversary. Actually, we didn't celebrate. We were apart. But we went out to eat a couple of days before he left as a celebration.

March: Spent time at home relaxing and doing nothing.

April: Went to Tyler for 2 months and stayed with my cousin and babysat her baby girl while she went back to work.

May:  Found out we were having a baby GIRL!!! Then the shopping began!!

June: Went back home for my last 2 months in the states. Celebrated my 22nd birthday and attended a few Rangers baseball games. One of my best friends got married this month and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. So glad I could be home for that. My family got a new dog, Ellie! She is a Snorkie (Yorkie/Schnauzer mix). I played "mom" and got up with her 3 times in the night to let her out.

July: Spent most of the month at the pool and went back to Tyler for a baby shower. Went back to Germany at the end of this month.

August: Welcomed Bryce home!!!! Oh Glorious day!!! Started getting the baby's room ready and tried to pick out a name.

September: Bryce got a car so we could have two cars. It would be hard taking him to work everyday with a baby and not having a car for myself all day. That second car has been a huge blessing!! Bryce and I took a trip to Paris.

October: One of my good friends here in Germany threw me a baby shower. We welcomed our new baby GIRL into the world, Ava Drew!!! She is such a blessing to our lives. My mom and aunt came into town for 2 weeks and we traveled to Heidelberg, Switzerland, and Paris. Ava is quite the world traveler.

November: Ava attended her first birthday party for Bella Grace! Spent Thanksgiving at some of our good friends house!

December: Ava was featured in the Kaiserslautern American Newspaper (birth announcement)!!! We attended some Christmas Markets: Kaiserslautern, Strasbourg, and Belgium. Attended a couple of Christmas parties. Ava had her two month appointment and had to get shots! :( We had our first Christmas as a family of 3!!


Life in Dawleywood said...

what a fun way to look back! I wish I would have done a recap post, but I didn't blog for a few months and honestly can't remember much from that time =( ~Andrea

Sacha....xoxo said...

your girl is so beautiful.. happy new year:D

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