Saturday, January 21, 2012


I know I am way over due for a blog post but things have been busy around here. 

After 24 hours of traveling, we finally made it to Texas. The night before we left, I got 2 hours of sleep because we left at 5am the next morning and I waited till the last minute to get everything packed and ready to go. We got to the airport at 5am to get on the list for a Space-A flight. For those of you who don't know what a Space-A flight is, it means Space Available. Military people can fly for almost free if there is extra space available on a flight. Thankfully for us, there were 200 spots available so we got on the first plane to Baltimore. 

Our place left at around 11am Germany time and arrived in Baltimore at 1pm Baltimore time. I wish I could say it was a 2 hour flight like it seems but it was actually an 8 hour flight (Germany is 6 hours ahead). Ava did pretty well. It could have been worse. She didn't sleep at all from Germany to Baltimore. She cried a little bit when we took off from the pressure in her ears but it really wasn't that bad. When we arrived in Baltimore, there were a ton of people there to welcome the troops home. There were at least 50 people there! It was really neat! 

Once we landed in Baltimore, we had to catch another flight to Texas. But not without several other stops, of course. From Baltimore, we flew to Little Rock, AR then flew to Dallas for a plane change and then from Dallas to Amarillo. We arrived in Amarillo at 10pm. This was Bryce's families first time to see Ava Drew. It was so exciting!! 

Ava did great from Baltimore all the way to Texas. She slept most of the way. I think she was really exhausted from not sleeping on the Germany to Baltimore flight. I don't know how I am going to travel alone with her in May when I come back for my sisters wedding... TOO stressful!!!! 

Since we have been in Texas, we have been busy! Ava took her first trip to Target and Chick fil a! Of course she loved both of them!! We have been busy shopping, spending time with family, eating out, shopping some more, and enjoying this warm weather!!! Its a nice change from the weather in Germany.

I have taken a few pictures since I have been here but I will upload them soon. 

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Leenie said...

Glad you made it to Texas! It sure can be scary flying with a baby, but awesome that Ava did well for the most part. Have fun!