Thursday, February 16, 2012

Visit to Texas: Part 1

In January, we took a month long trip to Texas! First, we headed to Amarillo for 2 weeks to spend with Bryce's family and then we headed over to Sherman for another 2 weeks.

From Germany to Amarillo, it took about 24 hours. We caught a hop to Baltimore which took about 9 hours. For non-military readers- a hop means we caught a Space Available (Space-A) flight for almost free. If there is extra space on the airplane, military families can fly for free. All you have to pay for is your meals which was about $80 for Bryce, Ava, and I. When we arrived in Baltimore, we had a 2 hour layover before we took a Southwest flight to Amarillo. We went from Baltimore, to Little Rock, to Dallas. We had a plane change in Dallas and then we went from their to Amarillo. Whew! It was a LONG day!!

Ava slept pretty much the whole way from Little Rock to Dallas. She did very well with the time change. Our first night in Amarillo, she woke up twice to eat and went right back to sleep.

The two weeks in Amarillo went so fast! We were busy the entire time! We shopped...a lot, visited with family, and ate out a TON (I'm paying for it now).

This is Ava Drew with her Nana at the Amarillo High pep rally. She slept through almost the entire thing! Crazy girl! My MIL works at the high school so we went up there several times to visit.

This is Bryce's brother, Hayden. My MIL put Ava on his back and about two seconds after this picture was taken, she spit up all in his hair. HA!

Bryce's best friend, Jay, and his girlfriend came into town so we went out to eat at a BBQ place. It was great to see them!

I didn't get a picture of the Sandie Revue but it was so cool. Its like a big talent show at the High School and Hayden performed. Ava did really well and slept for most of the show.

We had a blast in Amarillo. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!! It was a nice break from the 30 degree weather we had in Germany.

Stay tuned for part 2...


Emma said...

Thanks for mentioning 'the hop' process. I hadn't heard about that before! Glad you were able to spend precious time with your families. Ava seems like such a sweet and easy baby! :)

Elizabeth said...
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