Monday, February 20, 2012

Visit to Texas: Part 2

After our 2 weeks of being in Amarillo, we headed to Sherman to visit my family for 2 weeks. We had a blast in Sherman. Our families met halfway in a small town near Wichita Falls. We ate at the Pump City Diner. Not to be mistaken for Pimp City Diner! It was one of the two restaurants in the town and the other restaurant was closed... it was our only choice. 

Once we were done eating we hit the road to Sher-town! We spent two weeks just hanging out, eating out, visiting with friends and we also took a mini trip to Tyler for a wedding shower. 

Some friends of ours are getting married in March and they were having a shower in Tyler one of the weekends we were in town. My mom, Bryce, Ava and I went down for the weekend and stayed at my grandparents house. Ava got to see her great grandparents and uncle for the first time! 

Here is Ava with her uncle Charles. She LOVED uncle Charles and he LOVED her too!! So sweet! 

Ava with her great granny

 Ava with her great granddaddy. He has a "special" rock and Ava went right to sleep on him. That never happens!! 

Here is the happy couple..soon to be married! It was great seeing some of our college friends again and catching up. 
 Once we got back to Sherman, we got to hang out with some more of our college friends. Krista is one of my best friends from college. When we were pregnant, we were due 6 days apart! She was due before me but I came early and she came late so Ava is about 2 weeks older than baby Luke.

Krista and her family came up to Sherman and we went to lunch and then they came over to visit. It was so fun hanging out with them and meeting Luke. He is precious and such a good baby. 

We also got to meet my sisters fiance for the first time! We are so happy for them and can't wait for their wedding in May!!  

Ava LOVED all the attention she got when we were in the states. I'm so glad our families got to see Ava while she is still little. 

Now, we are back in Germany, still trying to get adjusted to the time difference. Its good to be back home in our home. It seems like its been forever since we have been home. A month was a long time for being in the states but we really enjoyed it and it was the perfect amount of time. Ava and I will be going back to Texas in May for my sisters wedding. Hopefully Bryce will be able to come too but we will have to wait and see if he can get off work. I can't wait to get me some Chick fil A again!!

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