Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ava is 10 months old!

Ava you are 10 months old! Only two more months until your first birthday! I need to start planning!

Its impossible to keep you still for a picture these days.

As of two weeks ago, you weigh 14 pounds 2 ounces (0%) and you are 26 inches long (4%). Head circumference is 43 cm. 

You wear 6/6-9 month clothing and some 9 month stuff. You haven't been able to wear most of your cute 9 month summer clothes because they are all still a little big and it isn't warm enough to wear them! :( You wear a size 2 diaper and a size 1 shoe.

You nurse 4 times a day and eat at every meal. For breakfast, you have oatmeal with strawberries. For lunch, you usually have turkey, bread with peanut butter on it, cheese, a veggie and fruit. For dinner, I try to give you something that I have fixed along with bread, cheese, veggie and fruit. You are now an independent eater. You don't like me feeding you baby food anymore. You are a pro at the sippy cup! You can also drink from a straw. 

You are a great sleeper. You go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 9am. You take two naps a day. They range from 45 minutes to 2 hours each. 

You can wave hi and bye bye, clap your hands, open and close doors, turn pages in books (you have been doing this for several months). You can say hi, bye-bye, ma-ma, da-da, and okay (sounds like "ah keyy"). You understand commands like "come here" and "no no". 

You are walking along the furniture now and can stand alone for a few seconds but as soon as you realize you are doing it, you lower yourself down to the floor slowly. 

You LOVE books and will choose to look at books over playing with toys any day! You flip the pages and try to talk so it looks like you are actually trying to read the book. Its so cute!! You love giving your stuffed animals kisses but you refuse to give your mommy and daddy kisses...

You still don't have much hair but we are hoping it will start to really come in soon! You finally got your first tooth this month!! You have been really fussy the past couple of days so I wouldn't be surprised if another one decided to pop out soon.

You never stop moving! You are constantly crawling, standing, or pulling up on things. We constantly have to keep an eye on you because you are always getting into things you aren't supposed to.

Here you are at 1,5, and 10 months old.

We love you so much Ava and can't imagine our lives without you. You have been a joy and we love you more than you will ever know!!!

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