Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wine Fest, Flea Market, and Vitamix

Bryce had Thursday and Friday off so we went to a Wine Festival on Friday in a small town about 45 minutes away. It was very small but really fun. I had the BEST wine cocktail ever!!! I am not a big wine drinker but man, it was delicious!

Silly girl already ripped her bow off! She did great at the festival! She always does great around a bunch of people. She was waving and smiling at everyone that passed by!

We got there a little early before a lot of people got there. Before we left, there were a ton of people there.

This was our food! Mine was a pepperoni pizza...or so I thought. This pizza had real peppers on it. Not sure what kind. It wasn't that bad though. Bryce got a piece of garlic toast! It was SO good! We split our food!

This is how they serve wine at wine festivals.

 Going back a day..on Thursday.. we were out and about so we stopped by the BX to look around. There was a lady there giving a presentation over the Vitamix blender. Have you heard of it? It isn't JUST a blender. It can make ice cream, soup...yes, soup!, baby food, peanut butter, crushed ice, smoothies (seriously, the best smoothies), salsa...anything!! We were convinced to get one. I had been looking for a blender for awhile but didn't want to get one that wasn't good. I have a friend that has a Vitamix and she loves it so I already had my eye on it.. the thing holding me back? The price. It has a HIGH price tag!! WAY more than I would EVER pay! Well, we got $100 off the blender from the sales add and our military card. So, we were convinced...

Was it worth it? I can't tell yet. We have used it about 10 times since we bought it and it has only been 2 days. I have made ice cream, smoothies, and chicken salad. I plan on making my own peanut butter soon! So far...I LOVE IT!!!!

Today, there were several Flea Markets going on around the area and I found a few things! I have been looking for a walking toy for Ava for awhile but haven't found one for a reasonable price. This one is in good shape and was only 7 euro. Ava loves it!

I also scored these little shoes. They are brand new and I have had a really hard time finding good shoes that are small enough for Ava. She still wears a size 1 and its hard to find shoes she can walk in that are that small.

I have had a thing for baskets lately. The small one was free from the Airman's attic and the big one was only 3 euro at the Flea Market. (The Airman's attic is a store on base where people donate items and Airman can go and take anything they want for free. Airman are the young-ins in the Air Force...aka poor ones!! ha!) And yes, these are in my bathtub (classy, right?) never know how dirty a basket is until you start to clean it.


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Enjoy your new toy. My friend has a Vitamix and she has pretty much become obsessed with hers.

Where was the wine festival? Those are one of the things I love most about Germany!

Shannon said...

Cute shoes! I actually bought Reagan some black shoes very similar to that today. :)