Friday, January 18, 2013

Ava is 15 months old!

I am way behind on this post but its better late than never right? I can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing up! 

Ava Drew, at 15 months...

I am not sure your weight or height but we should find out at your appointment next week. You wear mainly 12 month clothes and a 3 or 4 diaper and size 3 shoe.

You are a great eater and eat all day long it seems like. You sleep from 7 or 8pm to about 8 or 9am. It just depends on how tired you are when we put you to bed.

You take one nap a day and it's usually 2 hours long. I think I have weaned you off nursing. Sometimes if you get up in the night, I will still nurse you back to sleep but that's about it.

Your vocabulary is expanding by the day! You can say so many words...I lost count. My favorite is "Luh you" (love you).

You love to say "bye bye" or "hi". You are SO sociable! You wave and say "hi" to everyone in the grocery store.

Your favorite thing to do now is play with your babies. You LOVE your babies. You will rock them and say "shh" and pat their back to try to get them to go to sleep. It's the sweetest thing! You love all things girly. You  love to play with my makeup brushes when I am getting ready in the morning. You also love purses! You always carry my purses around the house and say "bye bye" like you are about to leave. ha!

You LOVE listening to music. You always play with my itouch and can somehow get the music to turn on every time. You will sit so still and just listen to the music..and sometimes bob your head. ha!

You have been such a blessing to us, Ava Drew. I know I say it every time but I can not imagine our lives without you. You are our world and can't wait to see all the wonderful things that God has planned for your life.

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