Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ava: 16 Months!

I keep falling more and more behind on these monthly updates! 

Ava Drew, you are growing way too fast!! You are 29 inches long and weigh a whopping 18 1/2 pounds! Your head circumference is 44.5 cm. You are still in the >5% but you are gaining weight so that's all that matters! 

It is SO hard to get pictures of you these days. You won't sit still for nothin'! This is the best I got! 
 You sleep from 8pm-8am. You take a 2 (sometimes 3) hour nap after lunch. You wear mainly 9-12 month clothes and a size 4 diaper. You wear a size 3 shoe. You have finally started to grow some hair but not enough to where I can put a bow in.

You love love LOVE your baby dolls. That is pretty much the only "toy" you will play with these days. You will carry them around and say "shhew" and then you will get one of your clean diapers and try to change them. HA! It is SO SO funny! You love to rock them and try to get them to go "ni ni" (night night).

You are a complete daddy's girl and when he is around, you never leave his side. You are pretty happy most of the time but you definitely know how to throw a fit when you don't get your way.

You started going to MDO on Wednesdays from 9-12pm and you are doing really well. You cried the first couple of times I dropped you off in your room but lately, you haven't cried. The class that I teach in and your class go downstairs to play together and you don't even care that I am there. You play so well with the other kids. 

A sweet thing that I want to remember: When you were in the nursery at MOPS, your teacher told me that you were eating some cheerios from a baggy and the other kids were looking at you so you just started sharing your cheerios with everyone. They said it was the cutest thing they had ever seen. Not too many one year old's like to share their food! :)

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