Saturday, August 10, 2013

All about Ava Drew!

I am SO behind on my monthly updates for Ava Drew. Instead, I will just update on what she is doing.

  • Ava Drew is probably the funniest and sassiest little diva I have ever met. 
  • Her favorite thing to do is watch Barney on my phone. She got in a bad habit of playing on my phone all the time when we were living in a empty house. She was bored so she fell in love with my phone. ha! Now, we are trying to limit her time on my phone now that she has toys to play with and books to read. 
  • Ava has all of the sudden become a snuggler and I am LOVING it!!! 
  • She can almost count to 10. She skips 1,5,7, and 9. We are working on it! :) 
  • You can SPELL YOUR NAME!! I know, my not even two year old can spell her name. Granted, her name only consists of 2 letters. 
  • Her favorite song to sing is "Wain wain, go away". We have gotten lots of rain lately. 
  • She loves "hamburgers" and every time we drive into sonic, she assumes she is getting a hamburger. 
  • She loves to draw and every time she see's a pen, she insists on drawing and throws a tantrum if we don't let her. She says "A" which means she wants to draw. Why? Because every time Bryce draws with her, he spells out her name on the paper and she tries to write her name. 

  • She has always been really good at going down for naps and bedtime but lately, it has been a huge challenge. 
  • We still haven't potty trained her yet but we are starting that next week. She is so ready but we wanted to get settled first before we took on that challenge!! Any tips? 


Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Love your blog! Motivating me to finally update mine!

4Scherden said...

Oh, I miss seeing that sweet face. ;-) Have fun potty training. What helped me was we just stayed home for a few days and I put the kids in a long t-shirt (no underwear) so they didn't have to fool with pulling up and down right away. I fed them salty snacks and food so they would drink a lot of water and set the timer for every 30 minutes. Every time the timer went off we would do the potty dance and run to use the restroom. If they went they would get a sticker in their "potty book." I still have the book they made...sweet memories! Make sure when she is getting it down that you go right before you leave and right when you get somewhere to prevent accidents. Sorry for the huge comment...hope it helps! ;-)