Wednesday, October 9, 2013

16 weeks!

I am 16 weeks with baby boy!! Wow!! I can't believe it. Time has gone by WAY too fast!! 

This picture was taken at 15 weeks with Ava Drew. 

(Last weeks picture with baby boy)

Gained 1 pound. Babies heartbeat is 145. 

Thankfully, I have been feeling MUCH better and back to my normal self again. That first trimester was rough. I am enjoying cooking and eating again! I haven't really had any food cravings yet. One of my most annoying symptoms  is the acne that has decided to break out my back and part of my face. So annoying..and gross! 

It is so fun to be expecting a boy. I haven't done much shopping because this baby boy is already set in the clothes department...thanks to my amazing friend from Germany that let me have her bags and bags of boy clothes! Seriously, he has more clothes than Ava. But if you know me, you better believe this baby will get a few monogrammed/smocked things!! :) 

I still haven't felt this baby move yet. I want to say that I felt Ava move at 15 weeks so I am hoping to feel this baby kick soon!! 

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