Thursday, September 19, 2013

Its a...

We had an ultrasound today to see your sweet baby. I had NO clue that we would find out the gender because I am so early along in my pregnancy (13 1/2 weeks).

Bryce and Ava came along with me for the ultrasound. It was Bryce's first time to see an early ultrasound since he was deployed for almost all of my pregnancy with Ava.

The ultrasound was actually for a Down Syndrome test. I chose to get the test because I get a free ultrasound out of it. :)

What they do for the test is measure the back of the babies neck in the ultrasound and take some blood from a finger prick. Easy! :)

Once we were about 10 minutes into our ultrasound, the tech asked us if she could check to see if its a boy or girl. I was a little shocked but of course I said YES! She checked and immediately we knew what we were going to have!! There are two ways to check and both ways showed the same gender. The tech is 90% sure what it is but can't be absolutely certain since I am so early in my pregnancy. So, without further adieu....

ITS A BOY!!!!!!! 

We are ELATED and SO excited!!!! The babies heartbeat is 154 and measuring right on time. Let the shopping begin!!! :)