Friday, February 14, 2014

34 Weeks!

34 Weeks? How can it be?

This week was an eventful one as far as my pregnancy goes. We had a couple of scared moments where we thought I was going into labor. One evening at dinner, after shopping all day, I started having consistent contractions every 6 minutes. They eventually went away after a few hours. A couple of days later, I woke up from a nap with contractions every 2-3 minutes and they lasted for about 3-4 hours. I didn't call my doctor and didn't go into the hospital because they weren't painful and I had a feeling they would just go away...and they did. Thank the Lord.

The next morning, I woke up thinking I was leaking amniotic fluid. Sorry if that's TMI. I called my doctor and they had me come in a couple hours later. Turns out, I wasn't leaking fluid but I did have an infection that causes pre-term labor which explains the contractions. So, I am on antibiotics for that and hopefully I will have this baby boy inside me for a few more weeks!

Bryce has a feeling the baby will come within the next two weeks and he is usually right about that sort of thing so we shall see. I'm hoping to make it to full term but with my gestational diabetes, it may not happen.

Speaking of the gestational diabetes, that hasn't been fun. I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day but I have been able to keep my levels low. The only thing that raises my blood sugar is fruit so I try to stay away from that.

Anyways, here is a pregnancy update...

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: A Cantaloupe- about 4 3/4 pounds and 18 inches long.

Total weight gain: 22 pounds

Maternity Clothes: For the most part. All my pants are maternity but I still wear some of my long shirts.

Sleep: I have had bad restless leg syndrome so that interferes with me getting to sleep but once I get to sleep, I sleep pretty good.

What I miss: Bending over and not having as much energy.

Cravings: Ice water

Symptoms: Heartburn, restless leg syndrome, Braxton Hicks contractions,

Best moment this week: Getting some of the babies clothes washed and finally ordering a carseat!!

What I am most looking forward to: Meeting our baby boy and seeing Ava interact with him.

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