Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catch up

Wow! I am WAY behind on an update. Life has been pretty crazy the past couple of months. So, here is a little update on where our little family is at right now.

Bryce got orders to go to training for a new job in Georgia and he was ordered to arrive on April 27th. About 3 weeks before this, we decided to pack up our house and put everything we own in storage and me and the kids would stay at my parents house in Texas for the summer. So, we got busy packing! With our cars loaded down, we left Cheyenne on April 17th and stayed with Bryce's parents for a few days. We spent Easter there and finally got to relax after the busy 3 weeks we just had.

Then, we drove to Sherman and Bryce stayed for a few days and then drove on to Georgia for his 4 1/2 month training. While Bryce was in Sherman, we got to go see a movie while my parents watched the kids. It was so nice!! We also went down to Denton to see my BIL's presentation of a project he had been working on his whole college career. It was so fun to spend time with my family that weekend.

Now, Bryce is in Georgia learning how to be a special agent and me and the kids are spending our days at my parents house in Sherman and we are loving the warm weather. We went shopping in Canton this past weekend and this coming weekend, we will be going to Tyler for my sisters graduation from SFA.

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