Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ava Drew Update!

Its time for another update with Ava Drewski. That little spitfire. She is a HOOT! We love her to death! We (or maybe I should say "I" since Bryce is away at training for 5 months) were challenged for a couple months with Ava's strong will. And I mean STRONG! I have never met a little 2 year old with a will as strong as that girls!! I pushed through with lots of discipline and prayer and was very consistent and it has paid off. I read an article my mother-in-law sent me about how to raise a strong willed child and it has helped tremendously. It gave lots of tips that were SO helpful. 

Ava has never been a snuggler but lately she will come sit up next to me and let me rub her feet or back. She will randomly come up to me or one of my sisters or mom and just say "I love you ___". It melts my heart. Her favorite snack is cookie dough (homemade of course) or fruit snacks (don't judge me ;) ) which can be found any day of the week at my parent's house.  

Her vocabulary is amazing. She can say about anything she wants to. 

Lately she has been wanting to tell-time so we will start learning that soon. Hey, it's never too early to learn. If she shows interest, I will teach her. One thing I have learned is to never underestimate toddlers learning abilities. 

Ava just learned the New and Old Testament song so she sings it ALL. DAY. LONG! Some of her other favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC's  and Jesus Loves the Little Children. 

She eats eggs with sausage every morning for breakfast. Her favorite color is blue and she LOVES Peppa Pig. 

Shes just discovered Barbies!! Eek!! 

Ava Drew is in LOVE with her daddy and she was in heaven when he was home a few weekends ago. She also LOVES Calum and always goes up to him and says, "Hey Buddy, did you have sweet dreams?". Sweetness. 

Oh, Selfies? She is the queen of them! :) 

 This is her facial expression for EVERY picture!!!

I am in LOVE with this sweet princess!!! She's the best ever!! 

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