Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Markt!!

This past Sunday, Bryce and I got to go to a Christmas Markt (spelling is correct, the Germans spell it this way). It was in Wiesbaden (pronounced Vease Boden). It was about an hour away from where we live but we took the train so it took about 2 hours to get there. We met at the train station at 8am and our train left at 8:20. Once we got to Wiesbaden, it was almost 11am and the Christmas Markt didn't open until noon so we went to an American/German Sports bar. From 11am-2pm, they had All You Can Eat buffet!!! It was soooo very good too!!! We had to make reservations to go and I understood why once we got there. There were people waiting outside the restaurant before it even opened. It was completely packed about 10 minutes after we got a seat!!
Once our stomach's were completely full, we headed for the markt which was right outside the restaurant. It was a good thing that we ate before we shopped because there was ALOT of good looking German food calling our name but we were way too full!! The Markt was alot of fun! We got to see alot of really cool stuff!! I wanted so bad to buy a nutcracker or this other really cool German thing that I don't know how to explain. There is a picture below of a HUGE one. Its like a wood tower thing and there are little people on each level playing a little instrument and there is a wheel at the top and at the bottom, there is a place for a candle and the candle makes the wheel at the top spin. Its really neat!
In America, most events have hot chocolate. Well, in Germany, they have Gluhwein (pronounced Glue Vine). Gluhwein is a hot wine. Bryce got it one time at a fest and I tried it, I do NOT like it at all! Its wayyy too strong for me! But ALL Germans love it!! Its like their hot chocolate. They also have a drink called Kinderpunch. Its for the kids. Some people say it tastes like hot Cool Aid but I think its sooo good!! Thats what I usually get! After the Markt, we headed back to the train station, about 5 minutes before it was time to leave, we found out that our train got canceled due to some train maintenance issues. So we had to catch another train that was leaving 10 minutes later than we were supposed to leave which made us 4 minutes late to our next train (We took 2 trains). So it took a little longer to get home but I was totally ok with it! I LOVE the adventure!! Bryce- not so much. He had to work at 4am the next morning. He was a trooper though! I had a blast at the Christmas Markt and I am hoping to go to many more!!

Here are LOTS of pics! Enjoy!

This is taken at the train station

Getting on the train!

This is an old fashion oven that the Germans were cooking a pizza dish in.

This was in a store and it had an upside down Christmas tree in it. HA

Dr. Pepper is unheard of here in Germany! They just don't sell it. In the train station, Bryce found a Dr. Pepper and bought it for me! The label cracks me up!! I guess the German's can't handle the taste! ha! Btw- it was the best Dr. Pepper I have EVER had!!!

This was a life-size nativity scene carved out of wood. It was soo beautiful!!

My cup that the Kinderpunch came in. In Germany, when you buy your drink, it comes with the cup but if you take it back, you get about 2 euros back which is about $2.75. Not too bad!

This was a food stand. When I was trying to explain the German thing that I wanted to buy, it looks like this but much smaller.

This is the place where we ate Brunch.

This is a beautiful church that was the center of the Markt.

These are all gummy bears. Germans give them as gifts.

These are the uptown town-homes.

The Train Station

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