Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I know, I am a little late on posting about our trip to Edelweiss. Prepare yourself, this is a super long post!

Bryce took leave from Dec. 12-17th so we decided to plan a trip to Edelweiss since we were unable to go home for Christmas. Let me just tell you, we had a blast!!! There were a couple of things we weren't really impressed with but besides that, it was so much fun!

Edelweiss was about a 4 hour trip. I LOVE long car rides with my hubby! I love having all that time to talk his ears off! :) The thing I DONT like is that he is always HOT so I usually freeze to death in the car! Its worth it though! I've learned to never leave the house for a trip without a large blanket and warm clothes. ha!

Once we got there, it was about 4pm. We checked into our hotel and then we went and drove around town. We found the BX and commissary and picked up a few things that we needed. We were starving so we grabbed some Subway and then headed back to the hotel. We changed into our swim suits and went to the hot tub!

The next day, Monday, we planned to go to the Neuschwanstein castle but all of the trips were canceled because it snowed a foot and a half the night before. So we just decided to hang out at the resort and hopefully find something fun to do. Well, we very quickly found out that there was absolutely NOTHING to do at the resort! It shouldn't even be called a resort. There is only a hotel with a restaurant in it. It does have a pool and hot tub but besides that, that's it! So we decided to walk to the ski rental place to rent our snowboards so we could be ready early the next day to go snowboarding. We got directions from the front desk. They told us it would be about a 10 minute drive so we figured it would take about 30 minutes to get there. We followed his directions and ended up walking around almost the entire town and realized, his directions weren't legit. After walking for about 3 hours, we found the name we were looking for (supposed to be the name of the store). But instead, it was the ski lifts!!! It was freezing cold too!! It was in the low 20's and snowing! So we just decided to walk back to the resort.

Once we got back, we asked the front desk for a map and how to get to the store again! ha! And it turns out, the ski lifts is where the store is located! We were so close!!! So we just got in our car and drove to the store. We didn't even rent our snowboards! The people there told us to just come the day we are going to snowboard and rent our stuff then.

So we went BACK to the hotel, and relaxed in the hot tub! Then we went back to our room and took a nap. After our nap, we went to the restaurant in the resort. I wasn't feeling good so I didn't eat much but the food that I did eat was pretty good.

The next day, Tuesday, we woke up bright and early to hit the slopes! We found out that there were only about 6 slopes open and 5 of them were all BLACKS! Bryce and I aren't competitive snowboarders so we just wanted to go on the easy or intermediate slopes! Unfortunately, there was only one intermediate slope open and no easy ones open. We went down the intermediate slope and it took us 2 hours!! The runs are soooo long over here! We did stop and rest a couple of times but who doesnt?

Once we finally got down the mountain, it was lunch time. Bryce's board was way too small so he wanted to go trade it in. So we went and had lunch and traded Bryces board in and decided to go on the same run again since it was our only option...unless we wanted to get killed by going on a black! Once we got down the mountain a second time, it was already 2pm! We were exhausted and a little bored by the same slope. We decided to call it a day and we went and got warm in the...hot tub!! After that, we got ready to go to the GORGE!!! Now that was fun! It's like a cave that goes around a mountain and there is a water fall that freezes. You can kind of tell by the pictures I posted below. We hiked about 30 minutes to the Gorge and on our way back, we stopped at a small restaurant to have hot chocolate and dessert!

The next day, Wednesday, we decided to have a relaxing day! We found a spa in downtown and went and got massages!! Then we came back to the hotel and once again, we got in the hot tub! That night, we went to a German restaurant downtown. It was pretty good! Bryce really enjoyed it! He had a Pumpkin pesto pasta and I got potatoe soup!

On Thursday, we went to the Neuschwanstein castle!! Our tour guide was extremely annoying because he repeated everything about 5 times. Besides that, we had a blast!!! On our way, we stopped at a small gift shop and once we got to the castle, it was about a 20 minute hike up to the mountain. We got to go on a tour in the castle but they wouldn't allow pictures! I was so sad because the castle was BEAUTIFUL inside!!!!! Once that was over, we ate at a German restaurant downtown. It was really good. Oh I forgot, we also stopped at a BEAUTIFUL church on our way to the castle as well. I posted a picture of the inside below. That night, we went to an Italian restaurant downtown. It was okay. Bryce really liked it but I wasn't that impressed.

On our last day, Friday, we checked out of our hotel and went to the Dachau Concentration Camp. Now that was humbling! It was extremely COLD!!! It was around 18 degrees and snowing!! So miserable but it was still fun! After that, we headed home.

We had a really great and fun trip but it is good to be home!!

I doubt many people even made it this far in reading but good job if you did!! :)

This is the front of the resort

This is looking out from our hotel. The mountain on the far right is the tallest mountain in Germany

Bryce and I on our hike through the Gorge

In the Gorge

This is in the beautiful chuch!!

Neuschwanstein Castle!

So pretty!

Our coffee in our hotel is from TYLER,TEXAS!!! SO CRAZY!!!

Inside the Krematorium at Dachau

This is where all the prisoners would meet for roll call daily. This is also the center of the camp at Dachau.


emily said...

So cool-thanks for sharing the pictures!

Jazzy J said...

I'm so glad you're documenting all these fun adventures..one day yall will look back and laugh/reminisce about the "good ole days" back in Germany! And I'm all about the hot tub time! Love you girl!