Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry (late) Christmas!

Merry Late Christmas everyone!! Bryce and I had a wonderful first Christmas together! We woke up early Christmas morning and opened our presents! I got Bryce a surround sound system and he got me some Juicy Couture sunglasses and a new Chi straightener and some awesome lotion!! We also opened our gifts from our families!!

After that, we watched Christmas movies the whole afternoon and for dinner, we invited two of Bryce's guy friends over. The two guys didn't have anything to do for Christmas and we didn't want them spending it alone! Bryce grilled steaks and chicken and I made garlic potatoes, green beans, Bush's baked beans, and garlic bread. It was the best home made meal we have both had in awhile!! After dinner, we watched Step Up 3. Why that movie on Christmas? Because the surround sound system I got Bryce had Blu-Ray on it and we didn't have any Blu-Ray movies. So Bryce went to the 24/7 hr shoppette to get a Blu-Ray and it was the only thing there that looked good!

After our movie, we skyped with Bryce's family and my family until 4am! HA! Suprisingly, we weren't even tired! We even decided to put in Shrek 3 after we talked with our families but we got really tired so we just went to bed.

We slept in REALLY late today. Probably the latest I have EVER slept in!!! I am even embarrassed to mention what time it was! ha!!

We watched a couple of movies today (We LOVE movies) and then went out to eat at Big Emma's since I didnt feel like cooking anything. And thats been our life lately!!

We really miss our families over the holiday season but hopefully we will be able to make it home next Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and remember the reason for the season! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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