Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, nothing has really gone on in the Stringer house lately. Its been pretty slow around here after the holidays. Bryce went back to work after his long holiday and I went back to work today....if you wanna even call it that! After today, I only work 3 more Wednesdays and 2 more Thursdays then I am TEXAS BOUND!! woo hoo!!! Bryce will have 2 weeks off right before he deploys so we are hopefully going to go somewhere. Maybe Paris?? Yes please!!

Tonight, we went to our good friends house, the Mimms. The guys went to pick up pizza while I got to spend some quality time with Kristie and baby Bella!! Bryce and I love hanging out with the Mimms! We are going to miss them while we are gone for 6 months!!

Tomorrow Bryce and I are both off work so who knows what we will do.

Sorry my posts are so boring! If only I had a baby to make it more interesting... ;) Just joking....kinda!

Hope everyone is recovering from the busy holidays! God bless!!

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Emily said...

Has baby fever set in?