Sunday, July 17, 2011

26 (1/2) weeks!

I know I am super late on doing this post but this past week has been super busy. I went to Amarillo last weekend and stayed the whole week with my in laws. It was SOO much fun!! I absolutely LOVE my in laws and not too many people can say that. I have truelly been blessed with the most amazing family!!

My brother in law (thats weird to say) was in a play, Oklahoma, last weekend so my parents, the Stringer family, and I went to see it! Yes, my parents went last weekend to Amarillo with me! Bryce's family and my family have become really good friends and they love to get together any time they can!

While I was in Amarillo, I went to see the play "Texas" out at Palo Duro Canyon, got LOTS of baby shopping done (thank you Teri), went Antique shopping, watched some tennis, ate lots of frozen yogurt, and just enjoyed the nice, dry heat in Amarillo! It was truelly amazing!! Nothing like the humid, north Texas weather!

Ok on with the 261/2 week post!!

No picture this week, sorry!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 261/2 weeks

Size of baby: 1.7 pounds and 14 inches long. The size of a large cucumber

Total weight gain/loss: Gained 11 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Most of my shorts dont fit but I can still fit into a few. I can still fit into my regular clothes but prefer maternity tops.

Gender: GIRL!!!

Movement: This girl moves ALL the time!! I LOVE it!!!

Sleep: I sleep pretty good but usually have mild back pain

What I miss: Can I say I miss my husband? Im ready for him to be home!!

Cravings: Ice! I think I might be anemic

Symptoms: Back pain, occasional acid reflux

Best moment this week: Pretty much this whole week was fabulous which included a trip to Amarillo and a baby shower in Tyler.

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