Wednesday, July 20, 2011

27 Weeks

I had my last appointment with my favorite doctor today! I’m pretty sad about it. Once I get back to Germany, I won’t have a choice with which doctor I have.

My appointment went great! I had my glucose test done and won’t know the results for a couple of days. I’m sure this will surprise most people but I actually liked the glucose drink!! I got the red one which is Fruit Punch and it tasted just like fruit punch! Really good!!! Made me a little nauseous afterwards though but that was normal. I didn’t pass out this time when I got my blood drawn! I was smart this time and took my own Dr. Pepper and crackers to eat afterwards. Instead of laying there for an hour like last time, I only laid there for maybe 5 minutes!!

After my glucose test, I went to get an ultrasound. They didn’t do a 3D/4D this time but it was still good to see my little girl. She was not liking the sonographer pushing on my stomach. She would not stay still!! It was so cute because she kept yawning and putting her hand by her face like she was trying to cover her mouth when she yawned!! Precious!!! Oh yeah, they also said it is DEFINITELY a girl!!!! Woo hoo!!!



Pregnancy Highlights:


How far along: 27 weeks

Size of baby: 14.5 inches long and around 2 pounds (baby is measuring 2 days ahead of her due date)

Total weight gain/loss: gained 10 pounds

Maternity Clothes: My mom bought me the belly band this week and it is AMAZING!!! How did I ever live without it!!! I wear my regular pants with the belly band and usually wear maternity shirts because of the length but most of my regular shirts still fit.

Gender: Still a girl!!

Movement: All the time!!! Love it!!!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping really good lately!

What I miss: Nothing really. Starting to really enjoy being pregnant!

Cravings: Crushed ice

Symptoms: Occasional back pain and some acid reflux'

Best moment this week: My doctors appointment today!

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