Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ava Drew is 6 months old!

Ava Drew you are 6 MONTHS OLD!! That is a half of a year!!! Where has the time gone? 

It feels like time just goes by faster and faster. 

Side Note: I am totally embarrassed by these photos. Not the sweet girl in the picture but of the quality of the picture. For some reason, my camera is all messed up and takes really dark pictures and they are almost impossible to edit correctly. If you know anything about Nikon's, help a sister out!! 

Back to this little diva... 

You are wearing size 6 month clothes and some 6-9 month. 

You wear a size 2 diaper and a size 1 shoe. I ordered you a size 2 shoe for the summer but they are huge on you. 

I am not sure of your stats. Hopefully we can get in the doctor before we leave for the states in 3 weeks. 

 You are still sleeping good. You go to bed at 8pm and wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 to nurse then you go right back down for another couple of hours. 

When you wake up, I feed you rice cereal with breast milk. You play for a couple of hours then go back down for a nap. 

You nurse every 3 hours but for your last feeding, we also give you a vegetable. We just started that this week and so far, you HATE peas and you aren't a big fan of green beans but you will eat them. You are definitely your daddy's child! 

 I always have a glass of water with me and you just started reaching for it so I let you try it the other day and you really liked it. You are a pro at drinking from a cup! 

Every time you see us eat, you start smacking your lips and reaching for our food. 

You are a Rollie Pollie!! You love to roll all over the place. We can't leave a room with you unattended anymore. 

You just started trying to pull up on your knees. You want to crawl and move so bad! 

You are the HAPPIEST baby!!! 

You love your jungle exersaucer. You could stay in it all day if we let you. 

Your face lights up and you get SO excited when your daddy enters the room. 

You can ALMOST sit up on your own. You are just a little scared. You can sit up for about 5-10 seconds on your own. (You are sitting up in this picture)

I think your "yelling" days are over. Now you just like to talk. 

We put you in the nursery for the first time on Sunday and you did really well. The teacher said you made her want to have another baby!! That's my girl! 

You love attention and if you aren't getting any, you will let us know! 

I always get complements everywhere we go of how good of a baby you are. You are always so quiet and content when we are in public. 

 You belly laugh when we tickle you. It is the funniest thing! You are really ticklish. 

We love you SO much Ava Drew!!! I love the stage you are at right now! Can you please stay this small forever? You will probably hear me say that your whole life. 

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Jeff and Krista said...

eekkk can't believe HALF A YEAR?! She's precious! Can't wait to see y'all in a few weeks!