Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sitting Up!

Ava starting sitting up today! She started sitting up about a week ago but right when we would sit her up and she realized we weren't supporting her, she would arch her back to lay down. It was like she was scared to sit up on her own.

I can't believe she is already big enough to sit up. I feel like it was yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital!

Some other things about Ava that I want to remember:

  • You sit in the big girl seat in the grocery cart now and every time we go to the grocery store, we get stopped several times by people that want to know all about you. They think you are so sweet and precious! And we do too! :) 
  • We started you on solids a couple of weeks ago and you hate peas. I have tried several times to get you to like them but it just isn't happening! You will eat green beans and avocado but they are definitely not your favorite. You will eat about 6 bites and then whine before every bite after that. You really like squash, carrots, bananas, and apples. We are trying sweet potato's and pears tonight!
  • We went on a trip to Belgium last week and you did so good in the car. You talked almost the whole way there! 
  • You are really into touching everything these days. You are constantly hitting things that are in reaching distance. 
  • You are seriously the best baby! Every time we are out in public, you just smile and sit so quietly...even if you missed your nap! 
  • We were finally able to get you into the doctor for your 6 month well check up tomorrow and I am anxious to know your stats. 
  • You have been getting up about 2 times during the night to eat..I think you're going through a growth spurt. 
  • You are VERY vocal! 


Krista Todd said...
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Krista Todd said...

Ahhh she's doing so good! Luke can sit alone for about 10 seconds.. He's gone longer a few times, but looks like Ava is a pro!!