Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dinant, Belgium

Bryce was off on Thursday and wanted to go somewhere so we went to Belgium. I have been wanting one of their waffles so I was really excited to go. We went to Dinant which is a pretty small town but it is beautiful. I would LOVE to live there!!

The streets of Dinant. 

The castle overlooked the city. 

At the top of the castle. It was beautiful! 

It was really windy and kind of cold so we wore our big coats and Bryce put his ear muffs on Ava. She looked so cute! 

Rockin' the ear muffs! 

This was so crazy! We walked through this and it felt like we were going to fall over. Just look at the water, it is high on the left side but low on the right side. The lights are crooked too. A bomb is what caused this. 

The only pic we could get of all of us. We propped the camera up on something and put it on the self timer. That's why its so crooked. 


Krista Todd said...

Ava looks too cute with those ear muffs!!

And I love the family picture! Gotta do what you gotta do! Although, it looks like that was on purpose! Great picture!

Anonymous said...

recommendation: buy a Gorillapod. more family pics will come :) can't believe ava's sitting up already, crazy!