Friday, April 19, 2013

London 2013: Part 2

Our third day in London, we took a train to Stonehenge.. you of the 7th wonders of the world. Apparently, not a lot of people have heard of Stonehenge?. The pictures will familiarize you if you don't know what I am talking about.

Anyways, we were really excited to see Stonehenge. The city (Salisbury) was so cute! I wish I would have gotten more pictures of it because it was adorable.Once we got to Salisbury, we walked to the bus stop (across town) to catch a bus to Stonehenge. It was about a 30 minutes drive. The stones are in the middle of nowhere on top of a hill. It was FREEZING!!! The bus dropped us off and another one would be back an hour later to pick us up so we were stuck out there for an hour in the freezing weather. We viewed the stones for about 15 minutes and then decided to spend the remainder of the hour eating our lunch and touring the gift shop. Bryce was cold...and if he is cold, it must be COLD!

A really neat building we saw on our walk to the bus stop...

The town doesn't look near as cute in the picture as it does in person...

There it is!!

This is what Stonehenge looked like when it was first built.

Once we got back on the bus, we headed back to the train station to jump on a train to take us to Bath! No, not to take a bath...the actually city, Bath! ;) What is in might ask? The ROMAN baths!!! It was SO neat!!

These pictures aren't edited because my Windows Live photo gallery was messing up but I couldn't hold out any longer on posting pics so here they are...

I just love the old architecture!! This is how it was throughout the whole city. So beautiful!

 This is a model of the Roman baths. If you see to the far left, the funnel is how the water system works. The water comes from way deep down in the ground so when it rises to the top (where they bathed), it is naturally REALLY warm. It is so neat that the hot water is all natural! I never blogged about our experience in Baden Baden but Bryce and I got to go to a day spa that was set up the same way. So neat!

See the steam coming from the water? Came from way deep in the ground!

This was inside the entrance! SO beautiful!!!

We had a great time in bath. We caught the train back to London that evening and we didn't get back to our hotel till real late. We went to bed and got up the next morning to head to the HIGHCLERE CASTLE!!! Definitely one of the top 10 best days of my life! ;)

Stay tuned Downton Abbey addicts... ;)

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