Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scotland: Part1

On our fifth day of vacation, we packed our bags and got on a 4 hour train ride to Scotland. Ava did great for the first 3 hours but the last hour was a challenge. She was so ready to be off of that was also nap time.

Once we got to Scotland, we walked to our hotel which was only about a 10 minute walk. We dropped off our bags (since our room wasn't clean yet) and strolled the city for the afternoon. We hit up a bunch of souvenir shops and visited the Edinburgh Castle. It was HUGE! We decided to not go in because we had read several reviews that it wasn't worth it. We ate dinner at an Italian pizza place and then called it a night.

This was taken from the train!

This guy was cracking me up. He would jump towards people and growl to try to scare them as they would walk by!

 The sun finally decided to pop out for a few seconds...

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