Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scotland: Part 2

On our second day in Scotland, we first went on a Whisky Tour. It was actually pretty neat! We aren't really into whisky but Bryce really wanted to take the tour and I am glad we did. We got to see how it was made and even got to try a little taste. I was NOT a fan but Bryce liked it.

This is the worlds largest whisky collection. A man collected all of these bottles all by himself. The worth of the collection is unknown.

Then, we walked to the Holyrood Castle. This is the castle that the Queen of England stays in when she comes to Scotland. It was gorgeous and I am so glad we got to visit the castle.

Seriously, this castle is HUGE! 

In the afternoon, we went to World of Illusions. It was so neat and really fun for Ava. Okay, maybe it was more fun for Bryce and I but Ava had fun, too.

The next day, we rented a car and went to St. Andrew's golf course and Loch Ness. St. Andrew's is a really famous golf course and Loch Ness is a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains but there is supposedly a monster that lives in the water. You can google it and see some of the pictures of the 'monster'.

My husband driving on the right side and I am sitting on the left in the passengers seat. SO SO weird!!! It was such a neat experience to be driving on the left side of the road.

St. Andrews was RIGHT on the ocean. I bet it would be gorgeous in the summer but while we were there, it was so cloudy and rainy.. :(

My husband was in HEAVEN!!! I don't think I have ever seen him as excited as he was on that day!

This girl loved riding forward in her carseat for the first time. FYI: The British and Europeans require infants to be forward facing from the time they are born and it is a 90 euro fine if the carseat is not forward.

 It was so hard to get good pictures because we were driving and it was also really cloudy and raining.

This is Loch Ness. Unfortunately, we didn't see the monster. ;)

These pictures just don't do this place justice. It was GORGEOUS...even with the yucky weather!

The next day, we flew home. I was SO ready to be home but we all enjoyed this trip SO much!! Going to London just made us want to live there even more. I am convinced we will live there some day. Shh..don't tell my family that! ;)

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