Monday, July 26, 2010


So for the past two days, I have gotten to spend some quality time with a 4 day old baby girl named, Izzie. She is only 5 pounds and absolutely precious. I love helping her parents out because they dont have any family here to help them. Thats not the only reason why I am helping them though. I absolutely love being around babies and could hold and cuddle with them all day long. Yesterday, I gave her parents a break so they could go take a nap while I watched Izzie. It all went smoothly but Izzie was a little cranky. Found out today, its probably because she was still hungry. After her feeding today, she kept wanting more to eat. Of course your going to have a cranky baby when they are hungry. She has got to be the prettiest newborn I have ever see, seriously!! For some reason the blog wont let me post some pics so go to my facebook to look at them under "Germany".

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Leisha said...

Not the best title for the newlyweds!! ;) hehe

The pictures are facebook are precious.

Enjoy reading the blog..keep it up!!