Saturday, July 31, 2010


So yesterday, Bryce and I were supposed to go to Frankfurt to see James Gerety, a great friend of ours. He was in Egypt for a mission trip and on his way back, they stopped in Frankfurt and had a 2 hour overlay. We didnt end up going because we didnt think we would have time to see him and we would have had to go through security. So instead, we went shopping!!!! Bryce took me to an outlet mall which had alot of American stores. It was alot of fun!! I didnt buy anything but Bryce got a great deal on a Columbia jacket. It was only $30!! Originally $100. He loves it!! When we got back last night, I got to talk to Krista Feigel on the phone for awhile!! I love her! It was so nice to talk to her! I attempted to make pasta last night with a tomatoe sauce. I made it for just me because Bryce doesnt like tomatoes and I was craving some tomatoey pasta! Well, it was discusting so I wont post the recipe! Today, I went to the commisary to get some groceries and tonight Bryce and I are going on a date. Were going to Chili's and a movie!! Cant wait!!! Hope your having a fabulous day!

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