Friday, July 9, 2010

Shipment Arrived!!

Our stuff got here today!!!! YAY!!! I called the moving company this morning to see when they would get here because they told me they would call yesterday to let me know, but they never did. I called them at 8am and they told me it would arrive between 9 and 12pm. Immediately when I got off the phone with her, the moving crew called me and said, we are at the gate, can you come sign us in? haha!! Good thing I was up and ready! It took them about an hour to unload everything and they set our bed and dining room table up for us. I started unpacking as soon as they left. I hoped I would at least get the kitchen finished. Needless to say, it is FAR from finished!!!! I got most of the dishes washed but I still have the pots and pans to wash. And a ton of other stuff! So far, it is looking pretty good!!
Bryce has been super sweet to me today so I gave in and let him buy the new xbox 360. The good thing is, you can watch movies off of it so we dont have to buy a dvd player! :) Since I let him get the xbox, he said he would buy me a bed! Praise the Lord for the reimbursement we got back from moving! Its nice to get $180 a day for food for the first 30 days we were here! :) It really stunk paying out of pocket at first but the reimbursement check is super nice!! Especially since we didn't spend $180 a day for food so we actually made money out of it! Bryce works tomorrow and Sunday so it looks like I will be staying super busy! Kinda stinks that he has to work over the weekend though. I will post pics as soon as I get everything situated! Here is a pic of the process today...

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Jeff and Krista said...

wow!!! so much stuff!! kinda looks like the front room at my parents, lol, we're storing all our shower gifts here till we move in at Jeffs apt!! Is this a different house?? hope everything is coming together :) I'm sure its looking great!