Monday, November 15, 2010

Dumpster Finds!!

I love "shopping" at the dumpsters here on base! Military people throw away great things!! Tonight, I found a really nice table! No scratches or anything!! And awhile back, I found a great lamp! I was really needing a lamp for our living room. I hate the lighting in there so I really wanted a lamp. Well, the ones at the BX are extremely expensive and I couldn't spend $40 on a small lamp. I saw this lamp at the dumpster but figured it wouldnt work. Well, I gave it a try! And guess what, it worked!! Why would someone throw away a good size, nice lamp?! They could at least attempt to sell it on (awesome website btw). I have bought pretty much everything in my house from there.

About the table... I drove by it today on my way to a friends house. On my way back home, I saw it again and REALLY wanted it but there was no way I was going to fit this big table in my car. So I got out to look at it and see if it was even worth trying for. Turns out, it was really nice but had water ALL over it since it had been raining all day long. Still interested, I turned the table sideways to see if I could unscrew the legs so it would fit in my car. They were too tight. I was determined at this point to get this table home with me! So I drove down to my house, a couple of blocks away, and got the plyers. Once I got back to the dumpster, I successfully unscrewed all the bolts and let down the seats in my car and struggled putting it in my car because it was incredibly HEAVY! But I got it!!!! I was soooo proud of myself and was thinking how Bryce was never going to believe this. I drove home, brought up the legs and my purse and came back down to get the table. I then carried it up to the second floor of our apartment. I might have scratched it a little bit. But you can't really tell. I brought it in the house, screwed the legs back on and cleaned it with some Pledge and it looks good as new!! I think the water might have messed up the top a little bit but I think its good enough for a computer desk!
Here's the lamp I found at the dumpster.
Here's the table! You can kind of see where I scratched the corner.


IrishPrincess said...

wow, those are really great finds! and congrats on successfully hauling the table from the dumpster! :)

Ashley said...

That is awesome! I apparently need to drive around and look at the dumpsters here more often!

Karren said...

haha I do the same thing! You found some great stuff!

emily said...

Looks great!!