Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All alone...

Well, Bryce left yesterday morning for 17 looooong days. Thankfully, a friend from church asked me to attend bible study with her this morning! That was so sweet! I was cooped up in the house all day yesterday so it nice to get out. I cleaned my whole house and did all the laundry yesterday! I held off on doing it when Bryce was here so it would give me something to do when he left. It definitely needed a deep cleaning! Bible study was really great this morning! I met ALOT of people from Texas and they are all HUGE Aggie fans! HA!

Tomorrow and Thursday I have to work! YAY! Is it sad that I get excited about work? I hate being stuck in the house bored to death everyday!! I absolutely HATE being bored. I would rather be super busy everyday and not have time to clean the house! HA!

My friend, Kristie, is expecting a baby and everyone is hoping she will have baby Bella today!! Its Kristies moms birthday and they would love it if they shared the same b-day. I havent gotten a text or anything yet so I am assuming Bella isnt ready. I hope she comes soon though!!!

Enough for today. Sorry all of my blog posts have been SUPER boring!!! I cant wait till Bryce and I get to travel more so I can post better pics!! :)

Have a great day!!


Anna said...

Hey Lady. I love following your blog. You are such a trooper for sticking out this new life you have. I'm sure God has some crazy plan for you over there- or he wouldn't have led you all on that path. I hope these next 17 days go quickly.

Jeff and Krista said...

I'm with Anna!! You are truly a strong woman! Praying that these next 17 days are full of friends and maybe some good quiet time for you!! love you!