Friday, November 26, 2010


This year, Thanksgiving was a little different for us. Since we're in Germany, we couldn't be with our families on Thanksgiving! Thankfully, our church had a thanksgiving feast!! At noon, Bryce and I headed to Frontline Community for some yummy food! I was sooo excited about the dressing!! It's my FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving!

As I was going through the line, I couldn't spot the dressing.. I just knew it had to be there though. I mean, who has a Thanksgiving dinner without dressing, right? Well, as I got closer to the end, I realized that there was no dressing. Uhhh!!!!! What?? No dressing?? I know I know. Crazy huh!!! I was devistated to say the least. But we both really enjoyed a great meal with some great new friends!

Bryce and I got to meet the pastor and his wife. And guess what! His wife is from Amarillo, where Bryce is from! And the pastor is also from Texas! It made me feel like I was at home talking to some of these sweet people. There are sooo many people that attend our church that are from Texas! And they are all Texas A&M Fans! I mean HUGE fans! Its funny! Its so crazy because it is so easy to talk to a person and tell if they are from Texas or not. The ones that are from Texas are sooo sweet, very outgoing, sooo nice, and all around GREAT people!! :) Not saying that some people from other states are any different!

On our way to and from the church, it didn't seem like Thanksgiving at all! There was too much traffic and the stores were all open! After we left the church, we stopped by the Penny Market to see what it was. We heard it was kind of like a Dollar General. Once we got in there, we realized its not really like a Dollar General. Its just a small market with cold foods, homemade breads, knik knaks, candy, small foods etc.

When we got home, we just relaxed and watched the Thanksgiving parade on TV. Then, we got to call our families on Skype and talk to them for awhile! That was nice! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We have sooo much to be thankful for!!!

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