Monday, November 29, 2010


We got our first snow of the season on Thanksgiving day!! AND it was our first snow in Germany EVER!!! It was sooo neat!! And the snow here is not like it is in actually sticks!!! It snowed all day but it almost all melted the next day. But today....its SNOWING again!!!! And alot more too!!! Its sooo pretty!!!

Ok ok on a different note, yesterday, Bryce and I got to attend our first Christmas Market. Appariently, they are a big deal over here. We went to the one in Landstuhl which is about 15 minutes down the road. As we got there, all the booths were closing down. We did get to eat though!! I had pizza and Bryce had something that I dont know the name of. Its like a round piece of meat on homemade bread. He loves them!! Then we went to our favorite ice cream place and got coffee.

Here are some pics of our fun night last night and the pretty snow today...
On our way to the Christmas Market
Bryce wanted to take a pic of me at the ice cream place. I tried to get my hair in the pic. I looked like a boy from the front. ha!
This is my attire.... 2 pairs of leg warmers under my jeans, 2 pairs of socks with uggs on, a tank top, an under armor shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweat shirt, and a coat.
Bryes attire (no pic)- an under armor shirt, t-shirt, and coat, under armor leg warmers and jeans with boots.
See the difference?
The pretty snow I woke up to this morning!! Picture taken from our front bedroom.
From our balcony

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Jeff and Krista said...

So pretty!! Love seeing the snow - still no chance of snow in Texas.. lol.. and love heari9ng how yall are doing :) love you