Tuesday, May 31, 2011


And we are SOOOOO excited!!!!!!! I never thought I could be THIS excited!!!!

I went in for my ultrasound today at 1:30 with Dr. Luciani whom I absolutely LOVE!!!! He is the most amazing doctor!! I got my SECOND 3D AND 4D ultrasound today!! And didn't have to pay a penny!! Isn't that unheard of?! My doctor was in the Air Force for 20 years so I have a feeling he knows how to use up that military money!! :)

Once we got in the room and waited and waited some more, the doctor finally came in and we got to skype Bryce (thank you technology) so he could be apart of this experience with me. My mom and 2 sisters also came with me!!

Once the doctor started the ultrasound, we figured out that this baby girl is very modest! And flexible!! She was sucking on her thumb at the very beginning of the U.S. which was absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! Then she decided to hike one of her legs up by her face and wrap one of her arms around her leg (like she was trying to stretch). ha!! The other foot was tucked under her "goods" and her other hand was also covering herself up. So the doctor had to wait for the baby to move to tell if she was going to be a boy or a girl. She is also breach so it makes it even more difficult to tell if its a boy or girl.

The little black dot is her heart!! :)

He said she has very big feet for a girl! That comes from the Estes side of the family. He also said she has a very long, slinder neck (I guess thats a good thing?). Her heart rate was 150 so I hope she's going to be a very layed back baby! ;) She weighs 11 oz and measures at 19 weeks and I am 19 weeks and 5 days but the doctor said she is right on schedule. As long as the baby ranges within a 2 week span, the baby is on track. And just for me to remember: I gained 3 pounds since my last appointment!! I now weigh 114.

The ultrasound was the coolest thing!! Even though I have had several ultrasounds, each of them are so special to me!! The baby even smiled at us this time!!! I think the doctor was pretty impressed at this baby girl and what she can do (thumb sucking, stretching, hiding her "parts" to where he literally couldn't see anything, and smiling). I can't wait to see what this little girls personality is going to be like.

Were we surprised it is a girl? Not really. At our last ultrasound, the doctor said it looked like it could be a girl so we prepared ourselves for a girl. I seriously knew all along that it would be a boy. I just had a gut feeling about it. I was so certain it was a boy and so it was good to be warned at our last appointment that it could definitely be a girl. All of the "wives tales" led towards boy and I took a gender test at 10 weeks which is apparently 85% accurate and it said boy so I was pretty sure it was a boy and the Chinese Gender Chart said it would be a boy. I was certainly conviced it would be a boy. Now I know that nothing can "predict" a gender!!!

After the appointment, my sisters and I went shopping!!! My mom had to go back to the school for cheer practice so she was unable to attend the shopping spree. :)

Of course we hit up TJ Maxx and I got some super cute Ralph Lauren outfits for the baby and some other cute outfits. Then we went to Target, Old Navy and Hobby Lobby. I stocked up on bows and head bands at hobby lobby! They are super cute!!!

Am I crazy for already going out and buying some girl clothes? Probably!! But I'm ok with that!


4Scherden said...

Yay, for you having a girl!!! So excited for you. I think it's funny you picked out clothes and hair bows...she is going to be well taken care of I'm sure. ;-) Now I can give you the clothes I have!

Emily said...

Oh congrats!! I would be shopping too :) How did your husband react to the news via Skype? So glad he was able to be with you in that way-technology is really so cool! :)