Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ava is 5 months old!

Ava Drew, you are 5 months old today!

 Is this for real? 

You are wearing 3 and 3-6 month clothes. 
You wear a size 2 diaper. 
I'm not sure your weight and height but you have an appointment on Wednesday so we will find out then. 

 You are a great sleeper. You usually sleep 10-12 hours. You go to bed between 7 and 8pm and sleep until 7:00am. We finally dropped your late night feeding. 

You take 2 short naps in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon. 

You nurse every 3 hours and we feed you rice cereal with breast milk before you go to bed. 

You now sleep in your OWN room! You love it. We both sleep so much better now. 

You randomly started sleeping on your back. Thank goodness. The thought of SIDS kept me up at night. 

You haven't had any teeth pop out yet but you always want to chew on things and your shirt is always wet from drooling. 

You randomly started sleeping on your back. Thank goodness. The thought of SIDS kept me up at night.  

You started laughing and it is the cutest thing! We try to get you to say "Momma" or "Dada" and you just stare at us and it looks like you are really thinking.  

We started you on rice cereal. The doctor suggested it since you are so tiny! You LOVE it!! You weren't too sure about it at first but after the second time we fed you, you were in love. Now, every time we eat something, you want to eat! When you see us eating, you try to grab our food and you smack your lips like you are hungry. 

You are the light of our lives!  You are so happy all the time and it brightens our day! 

 On your daddy's birthday, you rolled over from back to front for the first time. Now you are a rolling machine! I will lay you on your play mat and 5 minutes later, you are 5 feet away from it! 

We put you in your exersaucer this month and you like it for about 10 minutes then you have had enough. 

We are working on getting you to sit up but all you want to do is stand. You are really strong so I am hoping that you will be sitting up by next month. 

You love love love your feet and they are always in your mouth. We go through about 3 pairs of socks a day because they are always wet from you chewing on them. 

You love the bathroom. If you are upset, as soon as we take you to the bathroom, you are immediately happy. I put you in your bouncy chair in the bathroom with me when I am getting ready for the day and you love it. 

You are a little sassy thing. I am going to have my hands full with you, girl!! 

You are starting to become clingy and if someone else is holding you, you always make sure that I am in site. 

I can't believe you are almost a half of a year old!!! Where has the time gone? 

You are the sweetest little girl, Ava Drew and we love you more than you will ever know! 


Andrea said...

She is so cute, you know I love her big bows!! 5 months was such a fun age!! have a great week ~Andrea

Emily said...

Oh, she is precious! I can't believe she is 5 months alreay, wow time flies!