Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday is our Saturday

Bryce had off today so he went to Ava's doctors appointment with me. this morning at 9:30am. At Ava's 4 month well check up last month, the doctor said he wanted to see her again in a month for a weight check up. She is a tiny thing and the doctor wanted to make sure she is gaining weight.

If your wondering, she eats every 2 1/2-3 hours and eats rice cereal with breast milk before she goes to bed. So, she eats! She is just very active and I think that's why she is so small.

They weighed her at her appointment and she is 12 pounds 6 oz. At her last appointment, she was 11 pounds 14 oz. So she hasn't gained much weight. The doctor said to start feeding her twice a day with the rice cereal. Hopefully that will help.

Her stats from today:
Height: 25 inches {29%} 
Weight: 12 lb 16 oz {4%}
Head Circumference: 41cm {19%}

Waiting on the doctor...

Once her appointment was over, we dropped Bryce's car off to get his oil changed then we headed to the BX so he could donate some blood. Then we went to buy some of our favorite chocolate. This HAS to be the best chocolate I have EVER had! If you are interested, you can order it here

Best. Chocolate. Ever!!! 

We walked around the BX for awhile and picked up some bowls and paci's for Ava. We were starving so we went to eat at Chili's afterwards. Not a good idea when you are on a diet...speaking of.. I have lost 6 pounds since Bryce and I started our diet and work out 3 weeks ago! 5 more pounds to go!! 

Now we are home and its nap time!! 

Happy Wednesday! 


Emily said...

So glad you get this time with baby and hubby! She is such a cute little thing! Also, great job in the weight loss arena-that's great!

Jeff and Krista said...

Ava is the sweetest little thing! She's perfect! And way to go to you mama, you're a hard worker!! .. I need to get on that.. lol